Is Dragon Ball Heroes canon

How strong non canon is db heroes?

So first of all, I've been a db fan for years (since I can remember) and I know that dragonball, z and jz are super "canon". The dbz movies are supposed to be set in an "alternative" world and are considered a "side story". To my first question: this is what the z movies and gt own. On a "canon level", if you can call it that. (Correct me if I am wrong). Jz too heroes, that's a pure promo anime, which is also non canon, but how strong non canon is it actually? In my opinion, it is by no means on a par with the z movies and gt. (Ps: was never an opponent of GT: D). And if someone is really familiar: is there an official "this is part of the dragonball world list" for an overview? Since there are a number of specials and video games etc. there, I was always of the opinion that there is no question that they are definitely NOT one of them. But now I've looked at the off. Timeline and there are xv, xv2, legends, etc. also listed. I don't look anymore what I can take for "full" in dragonball: D. According to Akira Toriyama, if you ask him, everything feels different in a parallel world or something similar, but this answer doesn't help me.

Ps: many ", and surprisingly a lot written: D, if someone. That reads, srry for the big text and thanks in advance for the answers!