How do I write an epic novel

Approach to the analysis of epic texts

Should you have one epic Analyzing text is sometimes not that easy task. But are you going stepForstep approach the task, then you will surely succeed in a good one analysis

You should examine your text for the following aspects:

Formulate an interpretation hypothesis

A Interpretation hypothesis is an essential part of the analysis. Here you summarize the content of the Text briefly and formulate an overall interpretation. You can expand or reject the interpretation hypothesis again later.

Table of contents

In order to bring the text closer to the reader, who has not read the present text so thoroughly or even not at all, you have to content in your ownWordsshort and scarce sum up. So you have to go to the analysis individual places no longer on the content enter.

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The Table of contents is written in Present, does not contain direct speech and no interpretive statements


Is the text at hand a abstract, for example from a novel, then you have to put it in the context of Complete works classify.

What happened in front this extract and what after that? To what extent is that Text part significant for that Complete works? Which function does he fulfill?

The text analysis

With text analysis is in principle one Text description meant. Here you call formalpropertiesthat you interpret in a next step.

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Work on the text description close on the text and supporting documents With Text passages

When describing the text, you should use the following Aspects respect, think highly of:

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  • Structure of the text
  • Narrative perspective
  • Timeline
  • language
  • Character characters

Whether you interpretation directly to the individual Aspects the Text description or you first complete a text description and then only follow a paragraph with interpretations is often up to you. But if the text is special long it is more advisable to connect the interpretation directly to the aspect found in the text description.

Structure of the text

The construction of the text. You can pay attention to whether you have certain Plot sections can recognize. Make sure that the place changes it Flashbacks or one Foresight give the Narrative perspective changes or new ones characters occur.

Narrative perspective

Since the epic is narrative poetry acts, is the Narrative perspective of course, an essential aspect of analysis. Wonder from whose view the event is told and what kind of effect Has. Within the interpretation you can then try to explain why in this one Text segment it was precisely this narrative perspective that was used.


With regard to the Timeline you can with the analysis pay attention to whether in the correct temporalsequence (chronologically) is told or Flashbacks or Foresight can be used. Pay attention to those too Narrative time and told timewhich we have already explained to you in the epic chapter.


The language is of course also important for the analysis of a text. Pay attention to everything that has to do with the language of the text. writing style, construction the sentences, Word fields and Parts of speech, rhetorical medium etc. When interpreting you can then try to explain Why in which places a certain language was used and which effect that has.


You should also include the characters to include. Pay attention to it implicit and explicit character references. You can do that too Mood of characters as well as possible ChangesdevelopmentsandConflictsdescribe in which they are involved.

Text interpretation

The single ones Aspectsthat you at the Text description figured out, you always should interpret. Whether you do this in a separate section or directly, that's up to you.

Then you summarize your results in a Overall interpretation together.

If you proceed as discussed, then your analysis should be complete. Sometimes it is of course the case that the Task specifically points out certain aspects, which you then of course consider have to.

I wish you a lot now fun at the Learn!