Why does a ceramic capacitor have no polarity


Coding of capacities

Several values ​​are usually given for capacitors:

  • the polarity of polarized capacitors
  • the maximum permissible operating voltage

Depending on the size, the values ​​of the capacitors are given in normal or coded form.

The capacitance of capacitors is in Picofarad coded.

  • The printed value consists of 3 digits.
  • The first two are the numerical value.
  • The last digit determines how many zeros must be appended.

Meaning of the last digit

The last digit determines by which value the numerical value of the first two digits must be multiplied.

Last digitmultiplieror
0* 1pF
1* 10pF
2* 100pF0.1nF
3* 1nF
4* 10nF
5* 100nF0.1µF
6* 1µF
7* 10µF
8* 100µF


imprintNumerical valueZerosvaluevalue
47547547 * 100nF4700nF = 4.7µF
10610610 * 1µF10µF
10410410 * 10nF100nF


The maximum permissible voltage is specified in volts. Often there is a lack of unity V..


The polarity is usually only given for one connection.

  • - for the minus connection
  • sometimes behind the voltage value