Is sculpture still relevant today

May 9th to October 4th 2020

Following the themes of the past years NEAR AND FAR or PEOPLE AND MACHINE, the 5th exhibition under the title ECHT UND FALSCH again presented around 20 artistic positions along the banks of the Rhine and at selected locations in the inner city of Bingen. The Triennale thus once again brought together young artists and big names in contemporary sculpture on the banks of the Middle Rhine World Heritage Site.

The contributions of the artists, a number of which were created with direct reference to the exhibition location, were devoted to questions of original and forgery, possible disinformation, misleading the viewer or simply the game from expectation to reality using different approaches.

The works shown in the exhibition also refer to the current omnipresent questions about the truthfulness of information in the area of ​​tension between “fake news”, “truthful exaggeration” and the observation that political and social discussions are increasingly about emotions and assertions from facts.

How real can fake be? - What are the risks of mixing the difference between truth and lies? - What role do artists assign to the viewer? - Who decides what is real and what is wrong? Against the background of works by, for example, Marcel Duchamp or Joseph Beuys, how can the concept of the “original” still exist today?

The visitors to the course were invited to deal with these or similar questions using the sculptures and to question their own perception.