How do I fix screeching vehicle brakes

Squeaky brakes: that's behind it and this is how you fix the problem

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From: Andre Borbe

If the squeaking does not stop when braking, a professional should be consulted. © picture alliance / dpa / Uwe Anspach

It is not a pleasant noise and it unsettles some drivers: screeching brakes. Find out why and when to get a mechanic here.

Most drivers are familiar with the noise: when you step on the brake pedal, it squeaks unpleasantly. The causes of this noise are many and in most cases it is harmless. However, there are situations when you should show the screeching brake to a professional.

Why do brakes squeal?

The reason for a screeching brake is easy to explain. As a rule, the brake pads do not lie properly on the brake disc. This creates vibrationswhich are expressed in a squeak. The susceptibility to the annoying noise is greater with disc brakes than with drum brakes.

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Squeaky brakes: an overview of the causes

  • Rust, dust and dirt deposits: If rust has formed on the brake disc or if brake dust and dirt have deposited on the brake pads, it can squeak. This can happen especially when cars are parked for a long time. As a rule, drivers do not need to worry. After a few braking maneuvers, the brakes clean themselves and the squeaking disappears. But be careful: brake carefully at the start of your journey.
  • Brake pads or brake discs do not match the vehicle's braking system: Some drivers save where they can. However, you should be careful when braking. For example, if a third-party part doesn't match your car's braking system, the result is a squeaky brake.
  • Error when changing brakes: Squeaky brakes can also be caused by improper installation. If, for example, only the brake pads are replaced, but not the disc, then these usually do not lie properly. Instead, the coverings have to be sanded and adapted to the disc.
  • "Glazed" brake pads or warped brake discs: Anyone who has stepped into the irons too hard and for too long could have ruined their brake discs and pads. The windows warp during such maneuvers and the surfaces "glaze". The latter means that the heat has formed a glass-like layer. The result: hardly any braking effect.

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Squeaky brakes: when do I have to go to the workshop?

Not all causes of screeching brakes are dangerous. If the noise disappears after a few braking maneuvers, everything is usually fine. But if the squeaking does not stop after a long time and a loss of braking power is also noticeable, you should immediately to the next workshop drive.

This is the case if the wrong parts were installed or the brakes were glazed. If this has come to that, the brake must be replaced. As this can get very expensive, consider yours Have the brakes checked regularly. Even those who are unsure whether everything is okay with the brake should better have a professional take a look.

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