Why are vegan products so expensive

Vegan nutrition is really that expensive

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Meat substitutes, soy milk, and superfoods: To some people, veganism sounds like an expensive diet that only rich people can afford. But how expensive is it really to eat vegan? Do vegans really have to spend that much more money on their diet, or is it a myth?
We got to the bottom of the question - and show how expensive a vegan diet really is.

Most vegans are vegan for health and ethical reasons. Because they want to prevent diseases by not using animal products, or because they do not want to contribute to animal cruelty in industrial animal husbandry.

Substitute products make vegan nutrition expensive.

Many people who previously liked to eat meat are looking for alternatives as vegans. And meat products can be imitated very well with vegetable ingredients and are now even available in discounters. However, vegan meat alternatives are in fact significantly more expensive than some meat products. This is also due to the comparatively low production figures - but also to the fact that animal products are massively subsidized from taxpayers' money.

The situation is similar with soy milk and other plant-based drinks. We have explained here why soy milk is so expensive.

So it's true that a vegan diet with lots of processed substitutes at the checkout can be more expensive than a non-vegan diet. However, this is true of any form of diet. Processed products are practically always more expensive than fresh raw materials.

Vegan products are often organic. This means that stricter production requirements are met during manufacture. This should be taken into account when comparing prices.

Quite apart from that, the "hidden" ecological costs of animal products (such as climate effects, groundwater pollution, land consumption for animal feed, etc.) are externalized. Ultimately, society has to pay for these costs. The bottom line is that vegan nutrition is cheap even if it looks pretty expensive at the checkout. However, this article is about the prices that consumers pay directly at the checkout.

Fruit and vegetables play the main role.

Of course, vegans don't just eat substitute products. One liter of oat milk is often enough for several days. In many vegan households, meat alternatives are only served once a week - if at all.

What is often forgotten in the price discussion is the following:

Vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, herbs and seeds are the most important ingredients of a healthy, vegan diet. These are ingredients that are easily and inexpensively available in Germany and that can be used to prepare colorful, fresh and imaginative dishes that make you forget any thought of doing without.

Is Veganism Expensive? Depends on!

The question of how expensive a vegan diet really is can therefore be answered clearly: It depends on what you eat. Ready-made products - which also include substitute products - tend to be among the more expensive foods. But if you always cook fresh and use little processed products, the bottom line is that you can even save money with a vegan diet.

Vegan alternative products make it easier for many people to get started. And if you like the taste of animal products (but not their background), you can confidently use such products every now and then without a guilty conscience. These are luxury foods that are not needed for a healthy life. Just like with meat, milk and eggs.

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Author: Kilian Thirty