How can I make myself bulimic

Eating disorders: what loved ones can do

A doctor will diagnose and treat an eating disorder (both physical and mental). Sometimes this is also done in a specialized clinic.

As a parent, you can help ensure that medical help is sought and received. You can support and contribute to changing the behavior and factors that are involved in the perpetuation of the disease. Many parents would like to give their child unlimited help. However, the difficulties and problems of an eating disorder can only be overcome with professional help. Parents can and should in any case observe and stay in contact with the child / young person. Permanent or partial monitoring, on the other hand, can be counterproductive.

Many different factors are involved in the development and development of an eating disorder. Even if the family or a person alone is not the reason, blame and self-reproach can occur with parents. Various emotions such as anger, anger, or sadness - because of your own behavior or that of someone else - are normal to a certain extent. If they are stressful, the help of a counseling center can be accepted or a discussion with the treating doctor or a psychotherapist can be useful. An eating disorder not only burdens those affected, but also affects the family and the immediate environment. However, when it comes to treating an eating disorder, parenting support is essential. Because then the situation and difficulties can be mastered together.