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Translation of "cos" in German

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because because of Cos KaF


You don't really have to say anything cos, ... cos I know what's happened here.
You really don't have to say anything at all because... because I know what happened here.
You're running scared cos... cos we had you.
You were afraid, because we had you
He'd been stressed out cos of the blight and stuff.
He was stressed because of the tree disease and such.
She was my friend cos of you.
Because of to you she was my friend.
Give me a magazine, cos I'm a little tired.
Give me a magazine, I am namely a little tired.
My misses is dead cos of yous.
I don't know my wife is because of you dead.
You know, cos of what happened.
Because of what happened.
I know you're leaving 'cos of that case.
you want to because of of the fall.
Good cos l ain't got nothing else.
Well i have namely then nothing.
You got it cos of your dad.
You have her because of your dad.
I never told her cos people around here aren't fund of Carrie White, cos of what she did.
I never told her because... the people here don't exactly like Carrie White, because of what she did.
I'm very pleased today, not just cos I'm receiving this award, but also cos after a long time, this uniform still fits.
I'm especially happy today, not only because of this honor, but also because after all this long time this uniform still fits.
He got mad cos Robert Parish was on the team.
He was angry, because Robert Parish was on the team.
She's got the big house, cos I'm successful.
She has a big house because I am successful.
Just cos there's no guns or car chases ...
Just because there are no pistols ...
I robbed that bank cos I got tired of seeing children roaming the woodlands without food.
I robbed a bank because I was tired of seeing hungry children roaming the woods.
I pulled over cos a bug hit my visor.
I just kept because an insect hit my sights.
She's afraid to look into mirrors'cos her reflection is gone.
And she's afraid to look in a mirror because her picture is not there.
They were using me, cos I can communicate with it.
You use me because I can communicate with him.
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