What are the components of pure water

Detoxify the body with pure water - is that possible?

Purifying the body is very much in vogue. More and more detox products and corresponding guides can be found on the market, so choosing the right detox method can be difficult. However, most of them are not aware that it doesn't really take much to detox. It is actually possible to do an effective detox with just pure water.


What is a body detox?

Slags, also known as toxins, can get into the body through various factors and weaken it in the long term. On the one hand, this creates toxic waste products during metabolism that cannot be adequately broken down or eliminated by the body. The deposited acids and toxins can naturally arise from the cells or from unhealthy food, a lack of vital substances and little exercise. Another reason for waste products in the body are toxic substances from the environment: Toxins spread in the human organism in particular through the air, water, clothing, food or cosmetic products. A body detox relieves all organs affected by these deposits in the long term and effectively strengthens the immune system. This way the body stays fit and healthy. Weight loss, less fatigue, a clearer complexion and improved digestion can all be the positive consequences.

Why is distilled water healthy for the body?

For body detoxification, however, it is not recommended to use conventional tap water, but to use pure water. This particularly pure water was freed from any impurities such as ions, organic substances and microorganisms by means of osmosis systems or distillation. Basically, water is a means of transporting substances in the body and thus regularly flushes out toxins. However, this transport process is only possible if the water itself is not already contaminated with impurities. Since distilled water is free of impurities, a more effective purification is possible here than with conventional water.

What are the possible uses?

In principle, detoxification is also possible with pure water and salt. The regular intake of salt water improves digestion and ensures fast binding and optimal removal of toxins. If you don't have pure water on hand, you can detoxify with boiled water. This contains at least fewer germs than untreated tap or spring water. It should be noted, however, that lime and minerals are still contained here and thus the result may be less successful.

What should be avoided when doing a water detox?

Consuming pure water in large quantities over a long period of time is not recommended and can even be dangerous. Those who also have a very one-sided diet can risk a lack of sodium and potassium in the body. Furthermore, pure water should never be infused into the body. The body cells would burst due to the imbalance of minerals in the water, which would be life-threatening for humans.