What are the DC power sources

Electrical symbols for example PW9


Connections of electrical conductors

Conductor tracks without electrical connection

Test point

The connection for a measuring device (not shown)

AC voltage source

DC voltage source


Battery (also rechargeable)

Voltage source

Symbol according to DIN standard

Power source

Symbol according to DIN standard

DC resistance

Predefined fixed value. Can deviate from the nominal value due to external influences such as load or temperature.

Variable DC resistance

Adjustable value of the resistance

Wheatstone Bridge

The arrangement of the symbols shown is intended to Bridge circuit highlight. This is not common in electronic circuit diagrams.

Diode, rectifier

Electrical component with a voltage-dependent resistance.



DC current or voltage symbol

The usage is similar to the English abbreviation DC. This means that it can be used as an addition or an index to a symbol (e.g. U= for DC voltage)

Alternating current or voltage symbol

Usage like the English abbreviation AC (e.g. I.~)