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Lost Airpods? You can do that!

Kris Wallburg

Apple's Airpods are easily misplaced. Especially individually and without a charging case, the earbuds are quickly lost between two sofa cushions or under the car seat. But with a few simple tricks, you can find your Airpods quickly.

EnlargeLost an Airpod? These tips can help

If you've lost your Airpods or Airpods Pro, you have several options. It is important that you activate the "Where is?" Function before you lose it. enabled for your devices. Without this system application, there is no way to find your lost Airpods. (Except the old-fashioned way of finding it yourself). Therefore, make sure that you have activated the "Find my iPhone" function, which also applies to accessories such as Airpods. You can find the option for this in the settings of your iPhone, simply enter "Find my iPhone" in the search bar of the settings. If you have lost one or both earbuds for good, you can order a replacement from Apple. You can find more information on this below.

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Play sound

If the Airpods are still connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, you can play a sound. For up to two minutes, your Airpods make an increasingly louder tone that can help you locate the missing earbuds. To do this, proceed as follows:

EnlargeYou can have your Airpods play a sound.
  • Open the Find My app.

  • Under your devices, select your Airpods.

  • Tap Play Sound.

  • Your Airpods will now beep for up to two minutes if they are connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Find the last location

If your Airpods are no longer connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, they are either out of range or without a battery. It only helps to determine the last location. You can also do this with the "Where is?" App.

EnlargeThe Where is it? App can show the last location of your Airpods.
  • Open the Find My app.

  • Under your devices, select your Airpods.

  • The map shows the location where your Airpods were last connected to one of your devices. To do this, location sharing must be activated on this device. You can now search for your Airpods in this location.

  • If your individual Airpods are in different locations, only one Airpod will be displayed at first. Find it, insert it into the charging case and start these instructions from the beginning.

Instead of using the app, you can also query the location on the iCloud website.

You can't find your Airpods: Replacement at Apple

If, despite your best efforts, you still can't find your Airpods, you can contact Apple for a replacement. Apple is also replacing individual Airpods or the charging case. To do this, contact support. That will cost, however, because lost Airpods are not covered by Apple Care +. The prices for a replacement Airpod or charging case can be found here.

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