Who are the top loyalty card providers

The transparent customerCustomer cards offer advantages for companies and customers

1. Pure identification

Purebred representatives of this dying species have become rare. After all, the only benefit was to help the sales staff, equipped with an overwhelmed name memory, on the jumps. It was also often used in shops, where the turnover of salespeople was very high and the "boss" still counted on one personal speech of its customers. Since the added value of this card is not much higher than that of a business card, one can speak of an extinct breed today.

2. The discount card

Clearly to be classified as the successor to the pure identification card, the “discount card” model is still very popular. The lure to save some money is one that is still very popular in our “greed is cool” society! However, since the majority of these cards are based on the fact that the discount is collected all year round - and is then available as a voucher at the end of the year, the temptation to spend even more with the voucher is excessive. This then creates a for the dealers double benefit: To lure customers into the store one more time and then emotionally sell the annual discount again when redeeming it! "Look, you have now saved another XX € for this beautiful piece!"

3. The "elitists"

These are the cards that make their holders stand out from the crowd of non-holders. Yes, they are almost a species Entry ticket to an elite club. And the advantages are obvious too. Discounts for club members only. Certain offers for club members only. Invitations to events, such as wine tastings, where purchases can of course also be made, are only for club members.

The mesh of this type of card is clear. It should suggest to the owners to be “different” or “better off” than the crowd. She clearly speaks that vanity of their owners and shamelessly exploits them. Because on closer inspection, the "club discounts" are often available in other shops with little delay - because the promotions are usually specified by the manufacturers. By the way, this is another way for retailers to promote slow-moving goods or new products. And the elite events? Well, I am of the opinion that these should certainly not only serve the amusement of customers - but also a product presentation on a smaller scale with the aim of selling more.

4. The sanctimonious

I've only noticed this type of loyalty card recently. A mineral oil company actually advertises that fuel can be bought x cents cheaper for those who have a customer card. Superficially disguised as a discount card, with the advantage of getting the discount immediately, it turns out on closer inspection that this customer data acquisition campaign is pure rip-off. So it is easy to see that the fuel at these petrol stations just happens to be the same x cents more expensive than at the petrol stations in the area. But obviously many still fall for this discount scheme and provide their personal data free of charge. - This is probably the best representative for a "customer identification card" without any recognizable added value for customers.