All wizards are deceivers

Who doesn't like to hear that their personal future holds lots of love and career happiness in store? Even a lottery win is waiting. A fortune teller from Karlsruhe, who promised her customers these and similar amenities, is now standing before the Baden-Baden regional court for fraud.

Between 2003 and 2007, according to the allegation, she had promised good faith customers in 228 cases help with illnesses and difficult life situations. With the prophecies she is said to have stolen 630,000 euros.

"I really wanted to help them," said the woman at the start of the process. One of her victims had paid the supposed clairvoyant 80,000 euros alone.

She is also said to have relieved the state of a handsome sum. The public prosecutor's office accuses her of bagging unjustified unemployment benefits of more than 30,000 euros.

She learned her "magic craft" from her grandmother, the defendant told the court. She only attended school for a few days, the woman never completed any training, and she could not write or do arithmetic either. But she could recognize banknotes, she told the judges.

Hot line to the spirit world

The idea of ​​making money with psychic abilities came to the woman after a while. So she only wanted to help acquaintances and friends with her rituals from Africa or Brazil.

Since her daughter has been disabled since birth and needs expensive medication, she placed newspaper advertisements and looked for liquid customers, said the all-black-clad woman. She also made contact with ghosts. "I believe in my work and I know what I'm doing," she emphasized.

What this work looked like in individual cases, the woman did not want to comment on either in court or with the psychiatric expert. "I am not allowed to talk to the uninitiated about the rituals, otherwise the spirits will get angry," the reviewer quoted her as saying.