How do I know if I'm transgender

Am i transgender?

How do you know that you are transident (transsexual)?

Possible evidence:

  • Your circle of friends consisted almost exclusively of girls / boys.
  • You liked to play with dolls / cars.
  • You wanted to wear clothes as a child.
  • You never acted like your typical boy / girl.
  • You always wanted to be a girl / boy.
  • etc.

I would like to point out again that these are really only possible clues. There are certainly enough Not transsexual people who can say the same or something similar about themselves. So it is best not to worry about whether there are any signs or have always been there. There are enough girls who play with cars and boys who play with dolls, but that doesn't make them transidentical or transsexual. Such indications can only show a tendency, but nothing more.

Cogiati or similar tests

You could now say: "Well, then I'll just do a test like the Cogiati, for example". But even here it should be said that these tests are anything but reliable. Above all, people tend to subconsciously (or even consciously) select points that correspond to their current mood or that they think they are expected. So you shouldn't be surprised that if you fill out the form several times on different days, completely different results can come out. In other words, the test can also place you in a wrong "category". So please be careful!

If you still want to try it, you can find the test here.

And now?

You are probably now asking yourself: "How do I find out whether I am transsexual?" - Basically only in one way and that is to listen to yourself and your gut feeling. It might sound silly, but it is probably the only and probably safest way to get a clue at all. The inside decides. It is particularly true here.

Somebody told me during the phase of the inner coming outs asked the following question: “What if you blanked out everything around you? Any social ties, work and family? How would you want to live if you could just change your "external" gender without any consequences? "The answer for me was very simple - I had such thoughts as a child and I always desperately wanted no" boy " to be. But because it may not always be that easy. Just ask yourself!

What if you were all alone in the world? In which gender would you want to live then or do you have? Would you like to change it if necessary?

Should that still not help you find you. Just try to "relax" and observe yourself for a certain amount of time. Do you see yourself as a woman or a man in everyday things? In other words, how is your self-perception? When you dream or daydream how do you see yourself?

If there is still uncertainty

I can only recommend it from the bottom of my heart - get help from outside! Make an appointment with a psychotherapist, get in touch with a counseling center for transsexuals or a self-help group - and try to talk to them about you, your worries, fears and feelings. Sometimes it is best to get detached and independent support. Most of all, there is no shame or weakness in getting help. It is a strength!

I don't know, if someone had helped me much earlier, I would probably have been spared many, many years. A lot of despair. The bad attempts to play a man and still just feel like a neuter. But what is worse is self-punishment. I have always forbidden myself anything that I somehow saw as female, just so that nobody could suspect. Don't make the same mistake. You only have one life and you should make the most of it.