The chemistry is tough


"" Der Hart "enables an uncomplicated introduction to organic chemistry thanks to its appealing and easy-to-understand manner." Nina Teubner TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld Process Engineering course "I think that Hart is an excellent book." Melanie Balz, chemistry student, Uni-Online "As a student with chemistry as a minor, I was able to prepare myself specifically for my intermediate diploma in bio-organic chemistry with this book" Organic Chemistry "by H. Hart. I received recommendations for this book not only from our professor, but also by fellow students who themselves have successfully passed exams with this textbook ... As a conclusion, I can only recommend this book to every student with a minor in organic chemistry. " Margit Beck, student of food technology, University of Hohenheim "The book is ideal as an introduction to organic chemistry and covers all the relevant basics. Due to the many illustrative examples from everyday life, it is very well suited for student teachers and minor subjects. The texts are written very understandably and are also suitable for reading in between. " Sabine Marsch, FU Berlin, Uni-Online reviewer "A good guide to keep track of things: The book deals with the most important topics briefly and clearly, but without neglecting important things. The material is clearly structured and well networked, with helpful images and Tasks. ... The> Hart http: // http: // http: // http: //