Why do wool pants get shiny

In this way you can remove shiny spots and shiny spots from the iron

Glossy spots are an ugly side effect that does not belong on our clothes. We show you how the ironing stains arise and how to get them remove again can. With the word gloss we associate something new and high quality. "I'm doing brilliantly" is also a positive expression, because "shiny" is only associated with the best. The sheen on clothing, on the other hand, contradicts this view. Because Glossy spots make the fabric look old and unsightly.

How do the glossy spots arise?

Glossy spots or iron-on spots, are often caused by incorrect use of an iron. In Connection with friction and great heat, leaves the iron disturbing glossy areas which are especially visible on dark clothing. Such stains can also be caused while we are sitting in the bus, train or car for a long time. The bevels of the affected garment collapse and the undesirable, greasy-looking areas arise.

What helps prevent ironing stains?

  • Always iron your clothes inside out. Ironing stains can only appear on the inside, where they do not interfere.
  • Do not set the temperature of your iron too hot.
  • Place a damp cloth between your T-shirt and iron.
Note: Textile fibers made of acrylic, viscose and polyester are particularly prone to shiny spots. Pure cotton, on the other hand, is less susceptible.

How can we remove the shiny spots again?

As with most stains, there are also methods here that can make your textile fibers shine again in a new "shine". It is important that you react quickly. Otherwise it will be almost impossible to freshen up the collapsed fibers and remove the shiny areas.

Remove shiny spots with sandpaper

Note: Glossy spots should only be removed with sandpaper from coarse fabrics such as jeans.

When you iron your pants, shiny spots are not uncommon. Sandpaper helps here. Of course only with coarser fabrics, such as jeans. The surface of the sandpaper freshen up the stuck fibers, the shiny look disappears. Proceed very carefully here, as it is well known that sandpaper is not made for sensitive fibers. For this reason, a is very suitable for this fine sandpaper preferably.

Remove shiny spots with a damp vinegar cloth

With a damp cloth, you can remove glossy spots that have been caused by ironing too hot in a gentler way. For example, wet a tea towel, place it on the stain and iron over it again. However, you should again make sure that the heat of the iron is not set too high, otherwise new shiny spots can appear. You can also moisten the cloth with vinegar. The acid contained in the vinegar turns the shiny fabric back into a dull one. The vinegar smell should dissipate again after a short time.

Coffee and black tea help against shiny spots on dark fabrics

Coffee and black tea are also the tried and tested home remedies help remove shiny spots. You should only use this method for black or very dark fabrics, where the dyes cannot stand out from the coffee or black tea stain. You dip a cloth into the drink and rub out the shiny spots with it.

Spearmint as a stain remover

In your trusted pharmacy you will find “Krauseminze”, which you can use to remove shiny stains from pants or T-shirts. Simply drizzle this tincture over a clean cloth. As with the variant above, rub the shiny areas with the tincture. Then let the hot steam of your iron hit the treated areas. But do not put the iron directly on it. During this process, the spearmint ensures that the collapsed fibers straighten up again.

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