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My leg! (Episode)

My leg! is an episode from season 11 in which SpongeBob is determined to keep Fred's leg out of harm's way after it finally heals.


The episode begins with a series of different scenes in which Fred's leg is injured. When he is in the hospital again, the doctor removes his cast and explains that he will replace his leg with one of a robot if he does not become more careful in the future. The affected robot is also in the room and begs that his leg will not be removed.

Fred leaves the hospital and meets SpongeBob, who happens to be walking down the street. Fred warns him not to get too close to his leg. A flashback can be seen in which Fred is sitting on a park bench and a small toy locomotive, which is controlled by SpongeBob, runs over his leg. SpongeBob decides to protect Fred's leg at all costs without him noticing. It shields Fred's leg from any potential danger. For example, he lies down on the sidewalk and lets Fred run over him so that Fred does not step into an oil puddle and removes sea urchins for him. He also follows him to work, where he accidentally gets into a sawing machine while trying to protect Fred's leg. When a therapist advises Fred to walk on hot coals, SpongeBob quickly lies down on the hot coals so that Fred runs over his back. Then SpongeBob walks downtown with Patrick and Fred. SpongeBob and Patrick appear unnoticed as Fred's bodyguards and push all people who meet Fred aside. When a little girl scout bites Patrick in his leg in response, whereupon he screams loudly, Fred notices his secret protectors. Fred then admits that he missed the hospital because he fell in love with one of the nurses. SpongeBob decides to help Fred break his leg again.

SpongeBob gives everything to break Fred, but suddenly nothing seems to work. Not even a good blow with a hammer, electric shocks or the Alaskan bullworm can harm Fred's leg. Now Fred's leg is about to be run over by a train. The plan is on the verge of success when all of a sudden the robot emerges from the hospital and stops the train so that its leg is not removed. SpongeBob gives the robot his legs without further ado, as SpongeBob's limbs grow back immediately. This makes the robot that is taken to the hospital very happy. When SpongeBob's legs grow back, he says, "My leg!" Which causes the ambulance to come again and take SpongeBob to the hospital. Because the ambulance accidentally runs over Fred and injures him everywhere but his leg, he too is ultimately taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Fred happily calls the nurse he has fallen in love with. When the tall, muscular nurse tries to get the patients to wash, Fred sings a song about how much he loves her. The nurse, feeling flattered, takes Fred in her arms and kisses him.

Trivia and mistakes

  • The Alaskan bullworm has a cameo.
  • Tom gets SpongeBob's leg as a replacement. In the end, however, in the hospital, he has his normal robotic leg again.

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