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Graphics card for multiple monitors

If you want to connect 3 monitors to one graphics card, there are a few things to consider. Multiple monitors are useful when you work a lot on your computer or when you need to display a lot of information at your workplace. Even for ambitious players, 3 monitors are a feast for the eyes. But not every graphics card can control multiple monitors. We will show you what you have to be aware of.

Suitable graphics card for multiple monitors

If you want to connect 2, 3 or even more monitors to a graphics card, a correspondingly large number of connections must be available. If you use an onboard graphics card, you can usually not avoid buying a dedicated graphics card.
  • The two largest manufacturers of graphics cards are Nvidia and AMD Radeon. For easier selection, we have a ranking list of the current graphics cards.
  • Newer models from these manufacturers usually offer support for 3 to 6 monitors via various connections.
  • Then all you need is the appropriate monitors and cables. We also have a list of the best for monitors.
  • The main thing to consider is the number of connections on a graphics card and whether these are compatible with your monitors.

Required connections for several monitors

It is usually the case that graphics cards do not have one connection more than once, but different connections are provided. However, these can all be operated at the same time and, thanks to the appropriate adapters, they can usually be converted to any other type of connection.
  1. DVI-D connection: Normal connection for a DVI screen.
  2. DVI-I connection: Normal connection for a DVI screen. We explain the differences between DVI-I and -D here.
  3. HDMI connection. An HDMI-capable device such as a television can be connected here, but in many cases also a monitor.
  4. The fourth connection is usually a special one that varies from graphics card to graphics card. In our picture you can see a display port.

Special connections for multiple monitors

Sometimes it is also the case that a graphics card has more unusual connections.
  • In the picture you can see several mini display ports that can be applied to any connections with the appropriate adapters.
  • Note: If you want to operate screens with high resolution, it is advisable to find out about the supported modes of the connections beforehand. For example, not all connections support high resolutions or high frequencies.

Video: We'll Help You Find the Right Monitors

In our video we compare three different monitors. This makes the decision in favor of your PC system much easier for you.
If you are looking for a suitable graphics card and need help choosing, we have a ranking list for you here.