Vaping a thing in other countries

Vaping and smoking in Thailand

Is vaping illegal in Thailand?

If you love vaping and want to travel to Thailand, you should think about it beforehand so as not to end up in prison,
or to have a few € less in his wallet.

So, are e cigarettes banned in Thailand? Vaping has been banned by law in Thailand since 2014.
This statement existed in 2019 but could be changed soon.
Those who use their e-cigarettes face fines of up to 945 USD or up to 10 years in prison.
In practice, a fine of around USD 500 is often seen.

Legal situation 2019 for vaping in Thailand

There are two truths about vaping in Thailand.
Strictly speaking, according to the law, it is not forbidden to vape at all.

The fact is: There is no law that directly prohibits vaping!
Only the import, trade, sale and possession of vaping equipment is prohibited.
(Similar to the legal situation for marijuana consumption in Germany)
Medical marijuana was legalized in Thailand in 2019 and is now state-grown.
Sales are expected to start in July 2019.
You can read the whole story here (Drug Abuse Act (No. 7) BE 2562 English - Thai Law Forum)

When will vaping become legal in Thailand?

In July 2019, the TRC (Thai Research Center) published the results of a study on the risk assessment of vaping.
The Thai FDA will then carry out a reassessment.
At this point, we assume that there will be some changes in the law.
We will keep you posted here.

our recommendation

Those who can do without vaping should do it.
Everyone else should avoid vaping in the following places:

  • beaches
  • shopping mall
  • Airport
  • Public transportation
  • temple
  • Parks
  • Markets
  • Restaurants
  • Zoos
  • schools
  • Bars
  • Clubs

In practice, we have already seen instructions on how to use e-cigarettes at airports in Thailand.
Signs there indicated that e-cigarettes were to be carried in hand luggage.
Just like vaping, smoking in public places is illegal in Thailand (see list above)

Penalties in Practice

We spoke to several TripAdvisor users who independently reported a $ 500 fine to us.
This penalty seems to be the most common as it has been confirmed by several users on the forum.
It is noticeable here that the accused often had to pay on site and without an official receipt.
The sum of 500 USD roughly corresponds to the monthly salary of a Thai police officer.

So you shouldn't provoke them and Not smoke or vape in public places.




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