How strong is Kisame without samahada

Kisame Hoshigaki

Surname:Kisame Hoshigaki
In Kanji:鬼 鮫 干 柿
In Cana:
Age:Part 1: 29
Part 2: 32
Birthday:March 18
Village / Country:Kirigakure

Size:195 cm
Weight:83.1 kg
Blood type:FROM


First appearance:Manga: 139
Anime: 080
Ninja ID:
Ninja rank:Nuke-Nin
Genin:at the age of 10
Chunin:with years
Jonin:with years
Ability:Jinchuuriki level chakra
Master in handling suiton jutsus
can fuse with his sword
Elements:Doton, Suiton
Ring:南 - Nan (south)
Position:left ring finger
Partner:Itachi Uchiha
Miscellaneous:former member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen from Kirigakure
S rank:29 A rank:78
B-rank:154 C rank:68

Kisame Hoshigaki is a renegade shinobi swordsman from Kirigakure Village and a former member of the Akatsuki criminal organization. It was owned by Samehada and because of its enormous chakra and cruelty it was also known as O o Motanai Bijū, which translated means Bijū without a tail und also as Kirigakure no Kaijin which translated roughly means scary person from Kirigakure. After his decisive fight with Might Guy, he commits suicide to prevent loss of information.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Kisame has an unusual and eye-catching appearance. He is a strongly built and very tall man with numerous extraordinary details. These are his light blue skin color, gills on his face and shoulders, small round eyes and predatory teeth. He wears his short blue hair in a hairstyle that resembles the dorsal fin of a shark. All of this, combined with its abilities, is reminiscent of a shark.

Under his Akatsuki coat, he continues to wear the clothes typical of Shinobi swordsmen, consisting of black trousers and a sleeveless shirt, as well as arm and leg warmers. Like the other members, he wears a special ring in his case Nanju, which translates as the southern star.

CV [edit | Edit source]

past[Edit | Edit source]

Kisame began his career as a shinobi in Kirigakure during the Yagura's reign of terror, which is why he had to endure many terrible tests. From the inhuman doctrine that information is worth more than any comrade raised, he became a member of a secret unit in Kirigakure. The unit consisted largely of cryptologists who were in possession of extremely valuable knowledge. Among the cryptologists, he was just a "mindless thug" who had to protect them. Mostly in a grim mood, he didn't really make good friends.

During a mission, the unit of Anbu from Konohagakura, led by Ibiki Morino, was attacked and surrounded. With no way out, Kisame did exactly what he was told. He unceremoniously killed all members of his unit with his sword. Later, Kisame was ordered to kill Fuguki Suikazan because he was selling information to opponents. He attacked Fuguki, who was his commander, from an ambush and eliminated him too. The act was observed by Yagura, who praises Kisame for his loyalty. He replies that one day Yagura would eliminate him too and that there is no real loyalty in this world. Because Kiri-Nin kill other Kiri-Nin for information. So the world is only made up of lies. Now Madara Uchiha reveals herself as a true Mizukage and shows Kisame his Sharingan. Impressed by Madara's power, he now believes that Madaras can create a "world of truth". On that day, Kisame became one of the shinobi swordsmen and came into possession of Samehada. He became a devoted follower of Madara and soon left Kirigakure to join Akatsuki.

As a team partner in the organization, he chose Itachi Uchiha, who also knew what it was like to deceive people who were close to him. At the first meeting, Itachi said that you wouldn't know who you really are until the moment you die. Kisame remembered these words forever.

presence[Edit | Edit source]

Unexpectedly for everyone, two suspicious figures appear in Konoha after the Chūnin selection tests, which ended with Orochimaru's attack. It is about Kisame and his partner who have the task of capturing Naruto Uzumaki as the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi. Kakashi Hatake notices the two Akatsuki disguised in straw hats in a dango shop (Itachi wanted Kisame to try Konoha dango) and becomes suspicious.

The two Nukenin are confronted within Konoha by Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yūhi. The Jōnin are at a disadvantage against Itachis Mangekyō Sharingan and Samehada. However, Kakashi soon comes to their aid and negates Kisame's Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu by copying it.

Thanks to Itachis Tsukuyomi, Kakashi can be defeated, but now Might Guy appears and Kisame kicks away from his defeated comrade. The swordsman is now eager to continue the fight, but Itachi holds him back because there is nothing for her to win. Before Kisame disappears with his partner, he promises to make Guy atone for his kick.

When the two meet Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha in a hotel, Kisame stays out of the fight between the Uchiha brothers and wants to capture Naruto. Sasuke has no chance of taking revenge on his brother and is defeated by Tsukuyomi. Meanwhile, Kisame prevents Naruto from releasing the Kyūbi chakra by absorbing it with Samehada. However, now Jiraiya arrives, who includes the Akatsuki in his Ninpō Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari.

Itachi says that they are dealing with an extremely strong opponent, which is why the Akatsuki now want to flee. He uses the Amaterasu and can thus escape the toad stomach.

After the leap in time[Edit | Edit source]

During the extraction of the Ichibi from Kazekage Gaara, several teams are sent from Konohagakure to come to his aid. In order to avoid that these hinder the absorption of the bijū, Pain decides to use the shōten no jutsu to stop them. Kisame and Itachi provide their chakra to make copies of themselves.

So Mukade attacks Team 9 under Akatsuki's control and a fight ensues. Although this copy only has a third of the Kisames chakra, Might Guy, Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji Hyūga have a hard time against their opponent. Mukade even manages to lock Guy's student in Suiton: Suirō no Jutsu and harass him himself with Suiton: Goshokuzame. However, this now opens six of the Hachimon and turns the fight. Mukade is killed with Asakujaku, whereupon the Konoha-Nin learn that Kisame was only a copy.

While the fight itself cannot be seen, Kisame announces that he was able to capture Rōshi, the Jinchūriki of Yonbi, despite his Yōton. Presumably this will be extracted later.

Since he and Itachi are being followed by Team Hebi, Kisame accepts the last request of his terminally ill partner to only let Sasuke through to the hiding place of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke, who has nothing against it, sets out to fight his last fight against his brother. Meanwhile, Suigetsu provokes Kisame to a fight because he is after the sword Samehada. However, this is interrupted by Zetsu.

Later there is a conversation with the new Akatsuki member Tobi, who takes off his mask and shows himself to Kisame as Madara. Surprised, Kisame calls him Mizukage, but then grins again and thinks she has always suspected that Madara is the mastermind.

Since the Hachibi captured by Sasuke was just a deception, Kisame is given the task of catching him with certainty this time. Samehada is immediately mad about Killer B's chakra, which is why Kisame can quickly track down the Jinchūriki. He has fled the village and learns to rap in the company of the [1] Enka teacher Sabu and Ponta.

In the course of the fight it is revealed that Kisame can heal his wounds through the chakra eaten by Samehada. As a result, he survives even the most violent attacks of the Hachibi no Koromos and even absorbs most of B's ​​chakra. By using Suirō Same Odori no Jutsu and merging with his sword, Kisame finally wins completely the upper hand. However, Samehada unexpectedly turns against his master because he has taken a huge pleasure in B's chakra. Angry, Kisame gives up his sword and instead takes one of Killer B's Tantō to end the fight.

However, A, Darui and C intervene in time, who could see the fight from afar. Before Kisame can react, he is overwhelmed by A and B's incredible speed and beheaded with the Daburu Rariatto.

However, it turns out that only one copy made by Zetsu was killed and the real Kisame is hiding in Samehada, which killer B took with him to Kumogakure. This allows him to eavesdrop on a Kumo gathering and learn about Kumo's military power and its plans.

However, when Killer B is training with Naruto in the Secret Cave, the latter uses his new skills to track down Kisame based on his emotions, why he has to give up his camouflage. He tries to escape from the island with the information he has gathered and makes his way to the exit of the cave, but is attacked by Naruto in his full Kyūbi no Koromo. Severely weakened, however, Kisame manages to regenerate using the Chakra Killer Bs eaten by Samehada. He can also defeat Aoba Yamashiro by turning his Hijutsu: Ishihari against him and absorbing his chakra. But now Might Guy faces him again, which is why it comes to their final fight.

The two opponents give everything this time because it is about the possible outcome of the Fourth Ninja World War. When Kisames Suiton: Daikōdan no Jutsu meets Guys Hirudora, the technique of Konoha-Nin wins because it does not consist of chakra, but is a Taijutsu. He knocks Kisame unconscious so that Aoba's mind-reading technique can interrogate him.

But before the Konoha-Nin can get hold of important secrets of Akatsuki, Kisame bites out her tongue to gain consciousness. In a hopeless situation, he follows his attitude towards life that information is more important than life, and lets himself be eaten up by his own incantations. His last thoughts were on Itachi's words that you only understand who you really are in your last moments. This is how Kisame understands that in the end he wasn't that bad after all.

Everyone is impressed by Kisame's recent deeds, but the Konoha-Nin do not pay attention for a moment. A final trap of Kisame is activated and a shark with the important Makimono escapes into the ocean. So Kisame was able to fulfill his last mission to provide Madara with information.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • It is Kisame's hobby to take care of Samehada and to take care of it.
  • He likes to eat shrimp and crabs, but hates fukahire (shark fillet).
  • Kisame is the first of the legendary seven swordsmen to break away.
  • In an anime granny you saw a conversation between him and Deidara, who asks him about Itachi. Kisame says he has respect for Itachi's Sharingan. When Deidara notices that Itachi is probably more popular with women than Kisame, he is a little offended and says that it is probably because of the color of his skin. However, this is not a real characteristic of Kisame.
  • Kisame's skin color is a little different in the anime. There it has a bluish hue and is not turquoise, as it is on various colorings of Kishimoto.
  • His favorite phrase is "only the fittest survive"
  • His date of birth is related to his appearance, since March 18th belongs to the zodiac sign Pisces.
  • Kisame describes himself as Akatsuki's best Jinchūriki catcher because of his Jutsu Suirō Same Odori no Jutsu.
  • He had to take hard hits in each of his fights, which is rather unusual for an antagonist. Also, with five fights, he had the most known for an Akatsuki.
  • Like other members of Akatsuki, he paints his fingernails. Its color is purple.

Individual evidence [edit | Edit source]