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Percy Jackson

We stay together. I won't let you away from me Never again.

–Percy to Annabeth Chase in The House of Hades

Perseus ,, Percy ‘‘ Jackson


Son of Poseidon and elder of hut 3

Hero of Olympus

Praetor of the 12th Legion Fulminata (formerly)



male, at the beginning of 12 years alternating over the years, at the end of 17

year old


  • Poseidon (father)
  • Sally Jackson (mother)
  • Amphitrite (stepmother)
  • Paul Blofis (stepfather)
  • Gabe Ugliano † (stepfather)
  • Estelle Blofis (maternal half-sister)
  • Tyson (paternal half-brother)
  • Polyphemus (paternal half-brother)
  • Triton (paternal half-brother)
  • Phineas † (paternal half-brother)
  • Theseus † (paternal half-brother)
  • Hades (paternal uncle)
  • Zeus (paternal uncle)
  • Thalia Grace (paternal cousin)
  • Hera (paternal aunt)
  • Demeter (paternal aunt)
  • Hestia (paternal aunt)
  • Jim Jackson † (maternal grandfather)
  • Estelle Jackson † (maternal grandmother)
  • Kronos (grandfather, paternal side)
  • Rhea (paternal grandmother)
  • other gods and titans (great uncles / aunts, cousins, siblings, uncles / aunts, etc.)
  • Annabeth Chase (girlfriend)
  • And many more, but that would take too long



Anklysmos / spring tide; Heavenly bronze sword

Perseus "Percy" Jackson is the son of the mortal Sally Jackson and the Greek god of the sea Poseidon and thus a demigod. Since he is the son of one of the Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades), the dangerous monsters of Greek mythology can find him much more easily than many other demigods. Percy is above average and was even dubbed the "Strongest Half-Blood Ever" by Nico Di Angelo. Like most demigods, he suffers from ADHD and dyslexia. He is the main character in the Percy-JacksonRow and one of the seven legendary demigods in the Heroes-of-Olympus-Line.

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Percy‘s greatest weakness is loyalty to his friends. He would do anything for her, even sacrifice the world.

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The Lightning Thief[Edit | Edit source]

Percy has already flown from six schools at the beginning of the series when he comes to Yancy Akademy. There he quickly befriends Grover Underwood, who is bullied by all the other students. Due to the fact that Percy Jackson often defends him from the bullies, he himself becomes a target. During a trip to an ancient museum, his math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, who is actually an Erinye, attacks him. He defeats her with the ballpoint pen Anaclysmos, which turns into a sword, which Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher who suddenly appears, throws him. When Percy steps out of the museum, nobody seems to have known a Mrs. Dodds, not even Mr. Brunner and Grover, her math teacher is, according to her, Miss Kerr, a lively, blond-haired woman and has been since Christmas. Again and again Percy mentions the name Miss Dodds to the others in order to elicit a clue from them, but they just look at him funny, as if he was completely crazy. Percy almost believes them, but unfortunately Grover is a very bad liar (he hesitates for a moment, then says that he has never heard of a Miss Dodds). Percy's grades keep getting worse over time, and then it's official for Percy to be expelled from his sixth school.

Percy is learning a lot ahead of the senior year Latin exam when Mr. Brunner told him his lessons were vital to Percy. Since he cannot remember all the names due to his dyslexia, Percy wants to ask Mr. Brunner for help. But outside the office door he overhears a conversation between Grover and his Latin teacher about how Percy can be kept alive until autumn. As Grover leaves the office, Percy hides and minutes later, confused, walks back to the dorm where Grover is learning Latin as if he had never done anything else.

Grover and Percy sit next to each other on the bus ride from Yancy Academy to Manhattan. Grover looks so pale and nervous that Percy finally can't take it anymore and asks Grover if he's on the lookout for "well-meaning," a term Percy picked up on that night. When Grover desperately tries to evade the question, the bus breaks down and everyone has to get off.

Across the street, Percy and Grover see three quirky old ladies knitting a huge pair of electric blue socks. The middle woman meaningfully cut the thread, looking Percy straight in the eye. As they drive on, Percy and Grover feel like they have the flu.

The vacation begins, after which Percy takes his mother Sally Jackson on a trip to the beach in Montauk  and they stay there in a hurricane until Grover finds them and tells them that they are being followed.

Together they drive to Long Island, to Camp Half-Blood. Percy's mother is killed by the Minotaur, whereupon Hades takes her soul to himself. Percy himself just manages to get to the camp safely with Grover.

Dörte finds out Percy that he is a demigod. His best friend Grover is a waist down goat, and Percy learns that there is even a camp for people like him: Camp Half-Blood. There his father, the sea god Poseidon, recognizes him as his son. He is also sent on an assignment: Zeus' ruler's lightning has been stolen! And if this is not brought back to its owner by the solstice, the gods will start a new war, in which there is definitely no happy ending. Fortunately, his friends Annabeth Chase and the SatyrGrover Underwood accompany him on this dangerous mission. In the underworld they learn that Hades 'helmet has also disappeared ... Later they find out that Ares has Hades' magical helmet. Percy fights against Ares and defeats him. He takes the helmet off Ares and hands it over to the Erinyes. Later Percy goes to Olympus and presents Zeus with his ruler's lightning and gets to know his father Poseidon.

Under the spell of the Cyclops[Edit | Edit source]

Percy secretly sets out with Annabeth and his half-brother Tyson, a Cyclops, on the way to the Sea of ​​Monsters to find Grover and to get the Golden Fleece to save Thalia's Spruce, even though Clarisse La Rue was commissioned to do the Golden Fleece pick up. Percy, Annabeth and Tyson find both Grover and the Golden Fleece. But Percy sends Clarisse with the fleece to Camp Half-Blood ...

The Titan's Curse[Edit | Edit source]

Percy, Annabeth and Thalia Grace drive to Westover Hall to save the demigods Nico and Bianca di Angelo because Grover had called them to help. They meet the manticore, which is fended off by the hunters of Artemis, but takes Annabeth with it. Now it is also important to save Artemis, who was kidnapped. Together with Bianca, Zoë Nightshade, Thalia and Grover, he sets off to free Artemis and look for Annabeth. While fleeing from skeletal warriors, Percy meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare, who can see through the fog, but also made the acquaintance of the Ophiotaurus, who also played a very important role. Bianca sacrificed herself and died, just like Zoë when they finally tricked Atlas and locked him up again. Poseidon then forbids his son to be killed, just like Zeus with Thalia, who finally joined the hunters of Artemis.

The battle for the maze[Edit | Edit source]

Percy sets out with Grover, Tyson, and Annabeth to find Daedalus to destroy his maze. Many dangers await Percy and his friends in the maze. Nico di Angelo is also found in the labyrinth and it turns out that he is accompanied by the ghost of the old king Minos, who wants to see Daedalus dead. They free the last hundred-armed Briareos who had been captured by Kampe. She was joined by Percy's acquaintance from Hoover Dam last year, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. At the end there is a battle in which Luke Castellan's army attacks Camp Half-Blood. Daedalus, his hellhound Mrs. O'Leary and Briareos fight with. But the Telchinen manage to bring Kronos to life, who now lives in Luke Castellan's body. Percy created an earthquake that woke Typhon. Percy also made the acquaintance of CalypsoWhich but he had to leave again.

The last goddess[Edit | Edit source]

Kronos has finally awakened, Typhon fights against the gods, Percy, his friends and the hunters of Artemis have to protect Olympus all on their own. Percy does a terrific job as a leader in battle. He even defeats the titan Hyperion and in the end he also triumphs against Kronos who is killed by Luke. In the end, Percy refuses the gift of the gods (immortality) but wants the gods to contact their children immediately when they are 13 and to honor the secondary gods. In the end, Annabeth redesigns Olympus and Percy and Annabeth become a couple. After the other camp residents notice this, they gleefully throw them both into the lake. In the lake, Percy makes an air bubble around him and Annabeth and that, according to him, was his best and most beautiful underwater kiss.

Percy's weapon is a sword called an anaclysmos / spring tide. It is 90 cm long and is made of heavenly bronze. Plus, it glows in the dark.

In the Heroes-of-OlympusRow [edit | Edit source]

The vanished demigod[Edit | Edit source]

He does not appear, it is only mentioned that he has been missing for a long time and that his girlfriend Annabeth is very worried and has been looking for a long time without success.

The son of Neptune[Edit | Edit source]

After he, on the run from the two gorgons Euryale and Stheno, slides down a slope with a supermarket tray, lands directly on a highway and arrives at Camp Jupiter with amnesia and the goddess Juno in his luggage, he carries the goddess across the river Tiber, which is protects roman camp from intruders. In doing so, he loses the curse of Achilles, which has made him invulnerable since the second titan war. He comes into the Fifth Cohort and is classified as Probatio instead of Frank, who was made a Legionnaire. During his first battle on the Martian Field, Frank describes his fighting style as wild. He whirled around like a tornado, striking the blade instead of stabbing the Roman way. After the fight in which Gwendolyn is killed, but miraculously returns from the underworld, Mars appears and gives him the order along with Hazel, daughter of Pluto, and Frank, son of Mars, the imprisoned god of death from the clutches of Thanatos Liberate Giant Alkyoneus. Meanwhile he tricks the blind seer Phineas, the harpies who besiege him have to, attacks with a lawnmower, because he is sure that he, as Gaia's pawn, is more important to her than the old seer, which he is also right about. Since Phineas chooses the wrong ampore with Gorgon blood, he dies in agony, while Percy slowly regains his memory over the course of his journey, which was stolen from him by Hera.

The sign of Athena[Edit | Edit source]

Percy flies with the other six chosen demigods from the prophecy of the seven (Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank) on the ship Argo II across the USA to Rome, where they free Nico di Angelo from the hands of two giants have to. In addition, Percy's friend Annabeth has to carry out a dangerous assignment from her mother, Athene.

The house of Hades[Edit | Edit source]

Percy and Annabeth fight their way through Tartarus to get to the gates of death and escape Tartarus. They are hunted by the dark creatures. Fortunately, you are not alone ...

The blood of Olympus[Edit | Edit source]

Percy flies with the other demigods of the Prophecy of the Seven on the Argo II to Greece to defeat the giants and Gaia.

In the Kane Chronicles [edit | Edit source]

In one of the stories, Percy Jackson meets Carter Kane. At first they are hostile to each other, but eventually together they defeat a giant crocodile.

In the The-adventures-of-ApolloRow [edit | Edit source]

The hidden oracle[Edit | Edit source]

Percy Jackson helps the ex-god Apollo and his new mistress Meg to come to the camp. They are ambushed on the way. At the end of the book, Percy comes to the camp and helps fight the colossus. Apollo asks Percy to help him find Meg, but Percy says no, since he has promised his mother not to leave her and wants to finish the last year of school with Annabeth Chase so that he can study in New Rome.

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Percy Jackson - Thieves in Olympus (film) [edit | Edit source]

The teenager Percy (Perseus) Jackson attends a New York school. Together with his handicapped friend Grover, he leads an inconspicuous life there, although his dyslexia and ADHD troubles him in class. He finds relaxation in the water, where he can switch off and think. While visiting a Greek museum, he is attacked by his assistant teacher, who transforms into a fury, who demands a ruler's lightning that he has allegedly stolen. However, his friend Grover and his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner can intervene in time and drive the fury away. Brunner orders Grover to take Percy to a safe place. Grover informs the mother of Percy, who is still in the dark, and who immediately wants to flee with the two of them to a secret location. On the way there they are attacked by a Minotaur who appears to kill his mother. Percy then kills the Minotaur.

Percy and Grover arrive at "Camp Half Blood", where Percy learns that he is the son of the sea god Poseidon and thus a demigod and that his friend Grover is a satyr who was commissioned by the gods to protect Percy. Brunner turns out to be Chiron, a centaur. He informs him that Zeus' ruler's bolt has been stolen and Percy is accused of being a thief. In addition, he learns from suddenly appearing Hades that his mother was not killed, but kidnapped into the underworld. Together with Grover and his new girlfriend Annabeth, a daughter of Athena whom he met at camp, he sets out to free his mother from Hades and to prove by the summer solstice that he did not steal the ruler's lightning. They find help in Luke, the son of Hermes, whom he met at "Camp Half Blood". From him he receives his "favorite protective shield", winged shoes with which one can fly, and a magical map that shows them the way to three pearls, with the help of which one can escape from the underworld. For this purpose, the three are now looking for the three pearls that are scattered across the United States. First they travel to a closed horticultural center in the northeast of the USA, then to Nashville in the Parthenon there and finally to Las Vegas to the Lotus Hotel there. You can ultimately snatch the pearls from Medusa, Hydra, and the lotus eaters. The entrance to the underworld is next to the famous "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles.

In the underworld he confronts Hades, who lives there with his wife Persephone, and tries to convince him of his innocence. But Hades accidentally discovers the ruler lightning he is looking for in Percy's shield, which Luke has given him, supposedly for his protection. Hades takes the lightning and wants to kill Percy, his mother and friends, but Persephone, who no longer wants to endure Hades' cruelty, manages to take the lightning away from him and thus render him harmless. She is not afraid of Hades, because she is already in hell anyway. Then Percy, his mother and Annabeth flee the underworld with the help of the three previously collected pearls. Since each pearl can only set one person free, Grover has to stay behind.

After the three have escaped from the underworld, they meet Luke, who admits to having stolen the ruler's bolt in order to provoke a war of the gods so that the "new generation" can replace the old gods. Percy then defeats him in a duel, in which he uses his telekinetic powers for the first time and moves water with them in a controlled manner. He steps onto Mount Olympus via the roof of the Empire State Building and gives Zeus the lightning bolt. In doing so, he prevented a war between the gods.As a reward, Zeus grants him a wish. Percy wishes Grover to be freed from the underworld and is also given a few minutes to speak with his father, who, like all other gods, is actually forbidden by Zeus' decree to speak to his half-human children. Then Percy returns to "Camp Half Blood" and trains with Annabeth for upcoming tasks.

In a scene in the middle of the credits, Percy's stepfather opens the refrigerator and sees the severed head of Medusa. The snake hairs stand up and the sound of his petrification can be heard in the credits that follow.

Weapons Edit source]

  • Anaclysmos (spring tide), originally the sword of Heracles, turns into a ballpoint pen that keeps popping up in his pocket, even when he loses it. It can also be used as a ballpoint pen (The House of Hades). It was made from a hair clip of the maid nightshade.
  • A sign with scenes from the adventure of the Golden Fleece in the form of a wristwatch by Tyson, which he lost during the fight against Kampe on Alcatraz (The battle for the maze).

Skills [edit | Edit source]

  • can breathe, run, talk underwater and stay dry, as well as everything he touches
  • can create large air bubbles underwater
  • can steer a sailboat with his will and hold together
  • always knows where he is at sea
  • can cause storms (hurricanes ...)
  • can talk to equine creatures (zebras, pegasi, hippocampi, donkeys, horses in general, etc.)
  • can talk to all underwater animals
  • has dreams and knows what is happening elsewhere (normal for demigods)
  • has an empathy link with Grover
  • when in contact with water he becomes faster, stronger and his wounds heal
  • can control water, e.g. waves or currents
  • can extract water from mussels
  • he is a very good swordsman
  • he can summon water hands (and even grab, throw and crush monsters with them)
  • he is invulnerable because of the curse of Achilles he wears, which he loses in the little Tiber in Camp Jupiter, in the "son of Neptune"
  • can also control other water-like substances (e.g. liquid poison, see House of Hades)
  • can create hurricanes around him (the last goddess)
  • He can also kindle fire underwater as long as he touches it
  • In extreme situations, it can also cause earthquakes
  • can speak Latin and ancient Greek fluently
  • can blow up entire mountains
  • could theoretically command humans, monsters, titans, giants even gods, since even they have water in them, or ichor or blood etc.
  • Can "conjure up" water out of nowhere (himself)
  • Its body is extremely heat-resistant and flame-retardant. When the Telchines threw lava at him on Mount St. Helens, he initially only felt it was warm, but it quickly became hotter and hurt.