What are the best books on orchids

My orchid books tips

There are now numerous books on orchids. Hence my personal tips and favorites!

The variety of books on orchids is almost as unmanageable as the individual species and hybrids of these plants. Therefore, I present a few specimens here, which in my opinion are worth their money. So far I have bought my "reading material" from Amazon, as books are free of charge.

Book tip 1

The name keeps what it promises: a standard work that has been around for many years! It was one of my first books on orchids and I think it's ideal for beginners as well as advanced users.

Thematically, the book is very clearly divided into three chapters (design - the right care - orchids in portraits) so that the desired information can be found quickly. Not least because of the many beautiful color photos and the practical tips, I like to leaf through this book again and again.

I recommend it, because the price-performance ratio is very good, it can be ordered here!

Book tip 2

The book "Orchideen-Glück: With the right care for a lush bloom" by Sara Rittershausen is relatively new. The author has already published some nice books about orchids, which you will notice when reading the book.

Here practical and practical knowledge for orchid owners is conveyed and underpinned with many beautiful pictures. The price (around 10 euros) is absolutely okay.

In my opinion, the book is also a great gift idea for plant lovers, which brings joy and is therefore always gladly used to help.

It was published by Dorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH, further information and the option to order can be found here.

Book tip 3

If you want to concentrate mainly on the genus of the Phalaenopsis orchids, this book is well advised. The author Jörn Pinske has already established himself very well with many books about plants and the garden.

In my opinion, the work covers all areas for the (quote) "Germany's most popular potted orchid" and describes important points such as correct care or tips for a good location. The issue is rounded off with numerous beautiful pictures.

Book tip 4

If you want to go very deep or want to try out a new genre, this work is good for you. Numerous genera and species are described very extensively and with many pictures.

The size justifies the price, you can find more details here, for example.