How does Joe Biden win?

Day 4 of the US election : Biden wins Pennsylvania - becoming the 46th US President

The US election has been decided according to consistent media reports. After the AP news agency and several US broadcasters have awarded the state of Pennsylvania Joe Biden, Biden has also been confirmed as the new US president. Here is an overview of how things stand in the last contested states:

Pennsylvania - 20 Electors - Biden wins and decides the election

It had been clear since Wednesday that the state in the Rust Belt could ultimately make the difference. Biden has been in the lead here since Friday evening and has been unattainable with more than 31,000 votes in front of Trump since Saturday afternoon CET.

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Georgia - 16 voters - Biden is in the lead, rescheduling planned

In Georgia, more than 99 percent of the vote is counted. In addition, many of the votes of US Army personnel serving overseas will not be counted for the next few days.

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In turn, they could be more likely to lean towards Trump. So it could be a few days before the state is officially decided. Because the preliminary result was extremely close for Biden, there will be a recount of the votes in Georgia, as the "New York Times" reports, citing electoral officials in the state. Biden currently leads with around 7200 votes.

Arizona - 11 electors - Biden's lead is again shrinking slightly

The news channel Fox News and the AP news agency slammed the state of Arizona into Joe Biden some time ago, and only around three percent of the votes have to be counted. Joe Biden currently has a lead of 20,000 votes, most recently Donald Trump caught up here a third time. However, it is unlikely that Trump will still take the lead.

Nevada - 6 Electors - Biden Extends Lead

Most recently, Biden was able to expand its narrow lead somewhat - from around 11,000 to just under 23,000 votes. On Saturday lunchtime German time, around 180,000 ballot papers were still to be counted, including 60,000 preliminary votes, of which it is not clear who they favor and whether they are even valid. The loser of the election can request a re-counting of the votes within three working days - but must leave a deposit to cover the estimated cost of the re-counting.

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When to expect new results: On Friday evening, German time, around 30,000 more votes were counted. The remaining and still to be counted are postal votes that are dated November 3, and some of them will not be counted until the coming week. These votes will be counted until November 12th.

North Carolina - 15 electorates - Trump just ahead

Trump leads with around 77,000 votes after counting at least 95 percent of the votes. Actually, this state is very conservative. In 2016, Trump won it too. Almost all of the scenarios in his campaign stipulate that he must win this state in order to secure his re-election. Republicans have won ten of the past twelve presidential elections.

Wisconsin - 10 voters - Biden wins - Trump can count again

After Trump surprisingly won Wisconsin in 2016, this time Biden got ten electorates here. It was a very close race. Trump led a long time before Biden was declared the winner with a 0.6 percent lead, which corresponds to 21,000 votes. Trump's Republicans have already announced that they will require a recount of votes in Wisconsin, which state law allows with this small margin.

Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, CNN

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