What is Virginia's oldest city

I. Preliminary remarks

Virginia is a state in the southeastern United States. The capital is Richmond, the most populous city of Virginia Beach. The state has a population of 8.3 million.

In 1607 the London Company established the Colony of Virginia as the first permanent settlement in the New World. Virginia was one of 13 colonies that seceded from the English crown and formed the United States. Virginia declared itself independent on 5/15/1776 and adopted the Virginia Declaration of Rights as part of the constitution. In the American Civil War, Virginia sided with the Confederation, and the northwest of the state split into West Virginia.

Virginia borders among other things on the District of Columbia with the American capital Washington. Some government agencies, such as the Department of Defense and the CIA, are based in northern Virginia. The world's largest naval base is in Norfolk.

Virginia is organized as a Commonwealth and is divided into 95 counties and 38 independent cities. The largest population group are whites of non-Hispanic descent. However, their share is falling steadily and is currently 63.1%. The population of Virginia was originally made up of English, Irish and Scottish settlers, with Germans later added. 19.7% of the population are African-Americans. Virginia is the state with the highest number of mixed marriages. Important immigrant groups today are Latin Americans (8.9%) and Asians (6.3%). 0.5% of the population are of Indian descent.

The Virginia Parliament is the longest-running legislature in the world. It is divided into two chambers. Parliament also elects the judges.

The Virginia judicial system is the oldest in America. There are three instances in family matters. The 32 Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts are the entry point for matters relating to children (custody, access, child maintenance, paternity) They are also responsible for deprivation of custody and ending parental rights altogether. Spousal support after separation is also awarded by these courts. The respective Circuit Court is the appeal instance in these matters.

Divorce matters, including any subsequent matters, fall under the jurisdiction of the 31 Circuit Courts at first instance. The court of appeals is in this respect the Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court acts as a review body in family matters. However, the appeal must be approved by the respective appellate court.

The laws of Virginia are gathered in the Virginia Code1. The predecessor of this collection of laws existed since 1733. The version from 1950 is the current version, which is continuously amended.

The jurisprudence of the Virginia courts is published in the United States' typical regional rulings. Virginia falls within the territory of the "South Eastern Reporter," which is currently appearing in the second series.