Adam and Eve were incestuoes

Where did Cain get his wife from? [closed]

Adam and Eve: The Only People Without Parents?

Sin is said to come from a man (Ro 5:12). Adam (and Eve) are referred to as the "source" of sin / death. The curse God pronounced on them in Ge 3 for disobeying God affects us because we are their descendants and will inevitably sin (Ro 3:23).

God did not immediately make Eve in the same way that He made complementary sexes for the other animals. Ge 2 tells how God showed Adam that he was alone before creating Eve. If God created other people who were not descendants of Adam and Eve, did He do the same for them? Would he need?

Would these others have been in the Garden of Eden too? When did they sin (assuming they sinned) and when were they driven from the garden?

@Jomet, Typical readings of the text suggest that once each plant / animal is created, it is reproduced the way God designed it "after its kind". There is no other mention that God (re) creates any of the creatures (or creates more than one pair). While the text does not preclude the possibility, the mere fact that they are never mentioned (or mentioned by other Biblical authors who occasionally refer to elements of the tradition that are not mentioned in the OT) is a pretty strong indication of this were no other.

Trying to make room for other people who were not descendants of Adam and Eve is not entirely impossible in the face of the scriptures, but it certainly requires some complicated stories to be true, if any. It really does sound like the biblical record leaves very little room for the simultaneous creation of other people.

Cain's wife was almost certainly a descendant of Adam and Eve (most likely their daughter).