Which song best suits your personality


So you've found several playlists that your music is perfect for. And what now?

First you have to organize yourself. Make a table with all the playlists that match your sound. Make a column to take notes on related artists or titles. Add another column with the curator's name and contact information. Congratulations! You are just beginning to create your own personal influencer reach database.

Now that the table is set up, it's time to start your search. Many curators include their email address, social media accounts, name, or blog in the description of their playlist. Some have also linked their Spotify to their Facebook account. Search for the blog, playlist name, or curator name on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you do a little research, you are sure to find some good pointers.

It is always helpful to invest a little time looking for the type of music that every curator likes, whether it's new music, top hits, or niche underground bangers. It doesn't make a lot of sense to send an old-school hip-hop fanatic his deep house heater - as always, know your audience, even if they're curators.

When you've found the right people you want to contact, send them an email with a friendly introduction. Before you reach out to them, follow their playlists, play some of the tracks and first tell them what you like about their music choices. Once the conversation is up and running, tell them about your project and why you think it will fit well. Be patient and not pushy, give yourself some time so that hopefully your hard work pays off.

Every curator is different so it can take some time to work. So don't take it personally if your song isn't included. That doesn't mean your music is bad. It just means that it doesn't match the sound of the playlist.