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Squeaky dog ​​toy

Every dog ​​owner knows them well ... dog toys that squeak when they bite. Some people are driven crazy by this sound, others find it funny. But what do our dogs think about it and can they play with it without hesitation? You can read everything about squeaky dog ​​toys here.

Why do some dogs like squeaky dog ​​toys while others don't?

Dogs who play with such a dog toy for the first time are often frightened when they squeak and are more likely to feel insecure. This is also quite natural, because it sounds similar to the "stop signal". Dogs emit this brief squeak or whine while playing, for example, when it gets too wild or hurts, so the play partner knows that he has to drive down a gear. If he does not do this, the bully is threatened with consequences, usually in the form of an interruption of the game or a threat.

The noise can also arouse the curiosity of some dogs, so you can motivate them to train. However, some dogs get too involved and never stop biting into the dog toy. Not only is this a test of nerves for you, but it can also be extremely stressful for the dog.

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When are squeak toys rather unsuitable?

  • For puppies: Young dogs that have not yet learned to bite inhibition naturally respond to a squeaking noise by interrupting their behavior. In this way they learn how hard they can bite other dogs while playing without injuring them. If they now often play with such dog toys, it may be that they no longer receive the stop signal from their fellows or. take seriously. Even if most of them can very well distinguish the dog toy from the play partner, one should be careful how your own dog reacts.
  • Ingestion: Some dogs specialize in removing the squeak from dog toys. Since this is not very large, there is a risk of swallowing and thus the risk of an intestinal obstruction. So make sure that the squeaking mechanism is well processed in the toy.
  • Reactive dogs: Dogs with a low stimulus threshold can be quickly aroused and stimulated by it. In this state of excitement, they are often no longer responsive and “forget” rules and limits. For such dogs, calm games are more suitable.
  • Hunting behavior: There is the theory that the squeaking should imitate the death scream of a rodent when catching prey, and so the toy should be made more exciting for the dog. Whether there is any truth in this remains to be seen, but it certainly doesn't hurt to resort to other games for a dog with pronounced hunting behavior. In principle, of course, a dog can differentiate between real prey and toys.

Tip: You can pierce the squeak with a needle and it becomes a normal dog toy 🙂


If your adult dog has fun with squeaky toys, you can let him play with them from time to time. This type of toy is less suitable for puppies, easily excitable dogs or four-legged friends who tend to chew the dog toy so playing with it.