Can a wool carpet get wet?

Water damage to the carpet: what now?

Water damage to the carpet can happen quickly. But what should be done in such a case? How does the water get out of the carpet again? Who can help? And what if it concerns the carpeting? We tried to find answers once.

Experts say that a carpet could suffer water damage just by cleaning it in the bottle. This is quite conceivable with wet cleaning, especially if the carpet does not get the chance to dry quickly and thoroughly.

But that would probably affect a firmly fixed carpet more than a carpet that you can take off the floor and hang up.

Carpet too wet? And now?

If your carpet is wet for whatever reason, act quickly. Make sure that the coarse water is removed, for example with a suitable vacuum cleaner. Make sure there is a constant exchange of air.

You may also use a room dehumidifier, which you should constantly monitor. Attention: Place the dehumidifier securely, but not directly on the carpet.

A carpet that remains wet or damp for too long becomes musty, gets moldy stains, encourages mold growth and can start to rot. These are all reasons to replace the carpet.

Wet or damp carpet? And?

The same applies to carpets: act immediately. If a wet carpet is left in place, it can quickly muffle and become a refuge for bacteria, mold and vermin.

That is why professionals recommend taking a carpet affected by water damage immediately to an expert who will clean, professionally dry and impregnate it. If you lend a hand if the carpet is damaged by water, you can possibly cause even more damage, and it doesn't have to be.

Limitation: Of course, it always depends on how great the water damage is. Any moisture can be dried quickly. However, a carpet should not be exposed to moisture for long.


Carpets and carpets only like water for cleaning purposes.

But then the textile covering should be dried again quickly if you don't want to cause any major damage.

When in doubt, expert advice is always sensible.