A Stark can have a second Direwolf

What is a direwolf? The best tweets about the Game of Thrones episode "Home"

Game of Thrones: What About Ghost?

The second episode of the sixth season "Game of Thrones" was an interesting episode, especially for animal enthusiasts. One saw interested dragons. Obedient dogs. Hungry dogs. And ghost! Watch out, we're spoiling, but only a little!

The title "Home" of this second episode can be understood as an indication of what is happening in the last few seconds. Finally there is an answer to the question:

"Is Jon Snow really dead?"

And while some fan theorists saw in the pool of blood that flowed out of Jon Snow's head at the end of season 5 a reference to his career as a dead person (did the blood form a wolf?!?!), Melisandre made every effort to bring the late Lord Commander to life. But, puff cake! Nothing ... If it weren't for his loyal companion Ghost, a "Direwolf", in German "Shadow Wolf".

What is a direwolf?

Yes a Direwolf is, as Wikipedia reports, an extinct species of wolf, which was also called canis dirus ("terrible dog"). In "Game of Thrones" the direwolf is the heraldic animal of the Stark family and almost extinct, also in Westeros. Direwolves are unusually large, very intelligent and, above all, loyal to their masters. So also spirit, of his Master Even after his death, Jon Snow does not leave his side and protects his corpse.

In game of Thronesthe direwolf pups were portrayed by Northern Inuit dogs (also called Tamaskan) - because the scene was filmed with the Stark children at the time. So this was mainly due to legal reasons. Ghost, Jon Snow's now fully grown direwolf, is now actually one arctic wolf.

We don't want to reveal to you what role Ghost now plays in the inimitably exciting closing seconds of this last episode of GoT.

But of course we have the best tweets for you again - and the time-lapse video that shows the reactions of the author of these lines to the whole episode and especially the end of "Home":

The best tweets about Ghost

Melisandre, aside with you! Here comes Ghost and his social media following!

She expressed what we all felt: Please, please, let Ghost live!

Um, did I already mention that my last name is Wolff (forget the second f!).

One can still dream!

And here, last but not least, a massive spoiler in the form of a cute dog picture:

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