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TG Chemical Process Engineering

Current topics

  • Development and maintenance of VGB standards
    • Slagging, soiling and corrosion of system parts in contact with smoke gas in steam generators and downstream system parts
      VGB-M402H, 1st edition 2002
    • Soft rubber linings in flue gas desulphurisation systems
      VGB-M417H, 1st edition 2000
    • Soft Rubber Linings in Flue Gas Desulphurization Plants
      VGB-M417He, 1st edition 2000
    • Treatment of operational wastewater and cooling tower make-up water by decarbonisation or flocculation and decarbonisation
      VGB-M403, 1st edition 1992
    • Water desalination using a membrane process
      VGB-M404, 2nd edition 2010
    • Water desalination with ion exchangers
      VGB-S-405 - (is currently being revised)
    • Automation of systems for water desalination with ion exchangers
      VGB-M406, 2nd edition 1992
    • Conception, specification and proof of performance of systems for water desalination
      VGB-M407, 2nd edition 2004
    • Quality requirements for district heating water
      VGB-M410, 2nd edition 1994 (reprint 2004)
    • Condensate cleaning
      VGB-S-412, 3rd edition 2012 (formerly VGB-M412 L)
    • Cooling water directive
      VGB-R455, 2nd edition 1994 (is currently being revised)
  • Supervision of R&D projects:
  • ongoing research projects (selection)
    Project no.Brief description

    Possibilities and disadvantages of adding bromide to reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants

    Study to identify open questions about the effects of adding bromide to burning coal.

    A complete overview of ongoing and completed research projects in the field of environmental technology, chemistry, safety and health can be found here.