How can I be diligent

Diligence: Does it really make you successful?

Are you hardworking like a bee or do you fall into the sloth category and give it a try with coziness? Diligence is a sought-after trait, after all, so you will likely identify with the first description. Even employers don't think twice about which employees they would rather have. Hard work ensures better performance and results, and those who stand out for their ambitious way of working are on the sure path to professional success - or not? Those who only rely on their diligence sometimes end up on the hard ground of the facts. Because of course you should be diligent, but that alone is not enough to be successful ...

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Definition: Diligence is ambition

Diligence is a virtue - even if the original meaning primarily meant special commitment in combat. Today, on the other hand, hard work is closely linked to the attitude and way of working. The Duden speaks of ambitious and tireless work or also the persistent preoccupation with one thing. Those who are hardworking do not lean back lazily, but are fully focused on one goal and works hard and persistentlyto achieve this.

Frequently used Synonyms for diligence or are busy:

  • zeal
  • ambitious
  • busy
  • involved
  • productive
  • proficient
  • Diligence
  • active
  • motivation
  • energetic

Diligence can be one Property of the whole personality be and show yourself in every activity you do. However, it is quite possible and common that one's own diligence is limited to certain areas that are particularly enjoyed and carried out with enthusiasm.

For example, you can join a hobby extremely hardworking and work on it for hours, while with unpleasant tasks you can hardly pull yourself up to do anything at all.

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Does hard work lead to more success?

At first glance it seems very clear: hard work makes you successful! If you are looking for tips for success, you will surely find advice in the sense of You have to work hard, You have to keep your goals in mind or You always have to give 110 percent to do more than the competition - In short: Be diligent and success will come by itself.

Corporations preach in the same direction. Always on the lookout for the most motivated employee, who is particularly involved, delivers better results and contributes to the success of the team and the entire company. The implicit promise: we promote hardworking employees on their way up the corporate ladder.

In practice, however, it has been shown time and again that Diligence and success by no means go hand in hand walk. Of course, hard work is better than eight hours more or less lazy working hours, but that is by no means a sure path to success. Even the hardest-working employees shouldn't be under the illusion that they will be considered for their next promotion or raise just because of their ambition.

You can do the same several causes stand in the way of the ascent of the hard-working:

  • Your diligence is not noticed

    It may be unfair, but the fact that you toil hard all day may not get across to your boss at all. He only sees the results, maybe ascribes them to the entire team and doesn't know how much hard work you put into them. This requires more self-presentation and a certain amount of self-promotion.

  • Your boss doesn't want to go without you

    With your hard work and the associated performance, you carry the entire team - some bosses don't want to jeopardize this situation. Instead of getting promoted, stick to the tasks you do so diligently.

  • Your boss fears the competition

    Unfortunately, there are also these types of superiors who deliberately keep particularly good and hardworking employees small in order not to promote competition at their own hierarchical level. Then it could finally come out how little performance is achieved by oneself.

Studies have also dealt with the topic of hard work in the workplace and delivered sobering results. Everyone concludes that working hard has little to no effect on career advancement. Rather, it is the awareness, the image and the contacts that decide whether the job will continue to improve.

You should therefore better use your diligence to build up a network and the right personalities in the company get to know - that promises better opportunities for your career than pure zeal for work.

This is how you show more diligence at work

Even if hard work is not as important in your job as is often assumed, you should of course still score with commitment and motivation. You don't get a reputation as an important employee by doing nothing. So here are a few simple tips that you can use to show more diligence in your job:

  • Volunteer Your boss has a task to assign and everyone looks down to the floor or tries to be invisible? This is your chance to be hardworking and to make sure that the boss also gets it.
  • Take on projects Project work on the job is a good way to be hardworking and to achieve a little more than your colleagues. It is even better if you propose project ideas yourself and then implement them.
  • Do you work overtime? Diligence does not mean that you work around the clock and that you no longer have any leisure time or relaxation. But working overtime every now and then to underline your willingness to perform can definitely be an option.

When hard work becomes standard

Another common problem faced by hard-working employees is Expectation. What is initially recognized as hard-working will develop into the standard over time - and this is how you will be measured. With your diligence, you will raise the expectations you face.

In addition, hard-working employees often suffer from the fact that they have to do more than other colleagues. Motto: You are so fast and good, then you can too take over something. Instead of rewards and thanks for a job well done, there is a mountain of other tasks that you should take care of.

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