How can I download WhatsApp pictures

WhatsApp: Transferring pictures and videos to PC - this is how it works

Over time, WhatsApp conversations accumulate a lot of pictures and videos. If you want to free up storage space and still keep the media files, we will show you how to transfer pictures and videos from WhatsApp to your PC.

There are different ways how you save your received photos from WhatsApp on the PC. We'll show you quick methods for your Android phone and iPhone.

Instructions for Android

You can move your media files from your Android phone to your computer quickly and without any setup:

  1. Connect the smartphone and the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the two devices to connect.
  3. Control your mobile phone from your workstation.
  4. Go to the WhatsApp folder. In the standard setting you can find the folder in the internal memory under WhatsApp \ Media.
  5. Here you will now find sub-folders for the various file types. Photos are in the folder WhatsApp Images, Videos in WhatsApp video.
  6. Copy the entire subfolders or select individual images that you want to move to the PC.
  7. Find a target folder on your computer and paste the WhatsApp files there.

Tip: We will help you if your WhatsApp pictures cannot be seen in the gallery.

Instructions for iPhone

With the iPhone, it is unfortunately not that easy to simply navigate to the WhatsApp media folder. There are other ways here to transfer pictures and videos from WhatsApp to PC.

  • In the WhatsApp settings you specify that received images are automatically saved in the Photos app of the iPhone. To do this, go to the chat settings and activate the option Save to recordings.
  • If you connect the iPhone to the computer, you will now access the pictures folder and you will also find the WhatsApp picture files there.
  • Alternatively, the images can be moved from the photo folder to iCloud.
  • You can find more on this topic here: Transferring pictures from iPhone to PC.

This setting only has an effect on newly received images. If you would like to retrospectively see old pictures in the Photos app, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open a chat from which you want to save the pictures.
  2. Let yourself be through the menu all media Show.
  3. Mark the pictures that you want to transfer to the PC. If you drag your finger across the screen, you mark many photos at once.
  4. Then choose Save X imagesto add the files to the Photos app.
  5. Once the photos are in the Photos app on the iPhone, the files can be opened on the PC.

So you can see your pictures even better: The best mobile phones with a large display.

It is easier to transfer individual photos from WhatsApp from the iPhone to your computer:

  • If you only want to move individual pictures, use WhatsApp's share function. Press and hold the photo in the chat window to find the option. The photo can be sent by email, for example.
  • Alternatively, you can open WhatsApp-Web in your browser and use it to download the files to your hard drive.

This is how you save all the pictures from the chat. You have to proceed a little differently if you want to save a group or profile picture from WhatsApp. Once the files have been transferred, you delete the WhatsApp images to free up space.