What is syntax in C ++ programming

A small introduction to C and C ++ programming

Introductory overview with notes about C and C ++

C and C ++ are still among the most popular programming languages ​​in the field of system and application programming. There are several reasons for this popularity. Many operating systems and applications, without which today's computers would not be able to run, were programmed in C. The fact that C developed into one of the most popular programming languages ​​is due to the fact that C was specially developed for the UNIX operating system and that several other programming languages ​​were later based on C. One of the programming languages ​​that was built directly on C is C ++. When developing other programming languages, such as PHP, the developers at least followed the syntax of C. The reason for this approach becomes understandable if the beginner or reader considers that PHP is still developed in C today and that both languages ​​alone are therefore have a lot in common.

Occasionally, experts argue about whether C is already one of the real high-level languages (High-level language) or more on the programming languages ​​at intermediate level (Middle-Level Language) should be expected that still have a certain proximity to the machine. At least one thing is certain, compared to the assembly languages, C is at a higher level of development. Nevertheless, the fact that the language is partly still close to the machine has its advantages, which contributed to the popularity and spread of C and will continue to do so. One of these advantages is that C enables low-level programming. With C ++, on the other hand, there is no need to ask about the level, since C ++ is more advanced than C.

Another reason is occasionally stated that C would be relatively easy to learn, only that neither C nor C ++ is easy to learn for a hobby programmer, because the way of learning is different from that of professionally oriented programmers. At least beginners and hobby programmers learn in complete lessons and work through relevant literature in full. While even small snippets of code can bring visible success with webcoding and thus increase the interest of beginners, when learning C they have to be content with console applications.
It looks a little different with C ++. In connection with an IDE such as Visual C ++ Express, a beginner is quite able to click his first applications together within a relatively short period of time with relatively little learning effort. Only he has not yet learned to program with it.
The fact that learning C and C ++ is not easy becomes evident when we distinguish between the definition and the declaration of variables, with which we would like to begin our little introduction after a few "Hello World" snippets.


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