What causes contractions in the 32nd week of pregnancy

Exercise Contractions Or Real Contractions?

During the day, for example, you are often distracted and rarely notice anything. In the evening, when you come to rest and sit comfortably in the dim light, you can feel it more easily. If a woman does not notice the practice contractions, she need not worry. It can even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.

What is their function?

The uterine muscles tune into contractions - it's like an orchestra practicing. The muscles train the transmission of signals, the conduction of stimuli between the muscle cells. When they are born later, they have to do a great job together. It's a sensible training process - even an athlete won't rest for 40 weeks and then suddenly want to successfully run a marathon.

How can a woman tell the difference from real contractions?

Exercise contractions are not painful. Women describe real labor as a drawing or stabbing pain that begins either in the back or at the level of the pubic bone. It is comparatively violent, so that the pregnant woman breathe reflexively: She has to take a deep breath - similar to when you hit your foot or hit your thumb. My experience shows: women can instinctively differentiate between them. You can trust that with the right contractions you will feel what it is all about.

What to do when you go into labor

If contractions occur before the 37th week of pregnancy, they are considered premature. Then the woman should see a doctor or the clinic immediately. If they start after this point in time - i.e. on time - the pregnant woman can wait until they come regularly with an increasing tendency. If the woman has one or two contractions every ten minutes or so and reflexes to breathe, she should go to the clinic. If she feels unsure, she can call her midwife or gynecologist and get advice. If she ruptures her bladder or has other complications, she should go to the clinic immediately.