What is the best word in the world

99 feel-good words - the most beautiful words in the German language

The beautiful words still exist. Terms with a special sound. Words that evoke longings and memories in us. Words like flower magic, frippery or noseweis.

I like nostalgic old words. I call you Feel-good wordsbecause they can make you feel positive. They are wellness for texts.

Why are some words perceived as particularly beautiful? It cannot be due to the sound alone. For some foreigners, German is a language of orcs - harsh and brutal (probably related to the past). Like a typewriter that eats aluminum foil. Or see Tim Allen in the video about the word butterfly. So it can't be the sound itself. It must have something to do with the meaning of the terms.

The 2nd part is NEW: Another 99 feel-good words - the most beautiful words in the German language

The treasure trove of words

These words probably remind us of the past, of childhood, for example, of the good old days - or what one thinks they are. It is not for nothing that one speaks of a vocabulary or vocabulary. You can use the wealth of language to gild your texts. Emotional words that I also like to use in my novels. See also:

This is a tad more exciting than using synonyms. It gives articles, stories and novels that certain something and makes the readers feel more connected to the text. What you can use in which way is always text-specific. Examples below.

The most beautiful words in the German language

Most of these terms have a positive connotation. The old days echo in these words. If you want, you can also call these terms power words.

  1. cuddly
  2. Eye star (Endearing word)
  3. Feast for the eyes (beautiful sight)
  4. fried fish (Girl)
  5. Slapstick (Slap)
  6. Gut feeling
  7. Stomach grief (Stomach pain)
  8. Belly brushes (Make compliments)
  9. Eye catcher
  10. Booth magic (lighted booths at the fair or a party in a storm-free booth)
  11. soft as butter
  12. Twilight (Light conditions like in the twilight)
  13. Dreikäsehigh (Boy)
  14. Simpleton (Fool, fool)
  15. colorful
  16. Wanderlust (Longing for distant lands)
  17. Sure instinct (fine feeling for the state of affairs)
  18. Frippery, Frills (nonsense, trinkets, foolish stuff)
  19. Desire for freedom (not to allow yourself to be restricted in what you do)
  20. Joy
  21. Spring awakening (Beginning of spring)
  22. daisy
  23. World of thought
  24. Cosiness
  25. Lucky child
  26. Do not have anything (a very poor person)
  27. Belongings (little possession)
  28. outrageous (spectacularly incredible)
  29. Homeliness (cozy, familiar cosiness)
  30. dearest
  31. Heartache (severe mental pain, sorrow, a deep sorrow)
  32. Heart's desire
  33. Sky blue (also sky blue)
  34. firmament (the sky above us)
  35. Glimmer of hope
  36. Gem (Precious, but nothing small)
  37. Pop bag
  38. grief bacon (Pad of fat that has arisen from grief and worry)
  39. Refreshment (Refreshment, benefit)
  40. Love of life
  41. Dragonfly wings
  42. Bright spot (good prospect of improvement)
  43. Movie theater (Movie theater)
  44. Adulation (an exuberant praise in an exaggerated, flattering way)
  45. Luftikus (reckless person)
  46. Streamer (rolled up paper strip, unfolds through bubbles)
  47. Castle in the air (Dreaming that seems quite unrealistic)
  48. Antics (Nonsense, silly nonsense)
  49. Wallflower (an inconspicuous female person whose merits are not immediately recognizable)
  50. Moonlight princess (Snowflake, hypersensitive girl)
  51. Moonlight entrance (Walk by moonlight)
  52. morning dew (also called early dew)
  53. as quiet as a mouse (silent as a mouse, no sound)
  54. Mummery (Masquerade, disguise)
  55. Idleness (Slacking off)
  56. all alone (utterly utterly alone)
  57. Sweet tooth (Lovers of all kinds of sweets and sugar delicacies)
  58. nose-wise (clever, clever)
  59. Baby of the family (youngest child in a family, mostly spoiled)
  60. oven warm
  61. Feast for the ears (Melodious sound)
  62. Catchy tune
  63. Penny Foxes (Curmudgeon)
  64. Chat bag (Chatterbox, talkbag)
  65. somersault (Role in gymnastics)
  66. Dandelion
  67. Puff cake (Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!)
  68. Sandpit love
  69. Sluggishness (Loitering)
  70. Shepherd's hour (Number, traffic)
  71. Gulping woodpecker (Schnapps thrush, someone who drinks a lot, alcoholics)
  72. Nightcap (Nightcap, last sip of the day, drink that makes you sleepy)
  73. Pout (a mouth with sensual full lips)
  74. Snow (Blowing snow)
  75. melancholy (Sadness, despondency)
  76. Champagne mood (An exuberant mood that is evoked by enjoying champagne. In this state, it is easy to get carried away.)
  77. Summer freshness (Summer vacation in a place with a pleasant climate)
  78. Summer happiness
  79. Midsummer Night's Dream
  80. Summer sunday
  81. Sparrows (annoying difficulties, unnecessary hindrance to a project, expensive items)
  82. mischievous (mischievous, mischievous, thieving, deceitful)
  83. Springinsfeld (lively boy)
  84. Hobby horse (After work, hobby, hobby)
  85. Stand-up man (Old toy, also in a figurative sense: someone keeps getting up, whatever happens to him.)
  86. Shooting star
  87. Great moment (Highlight, fateful hour)
  88. Daydream
  89. Tausendschön (a flowering plant)
  90. Clumsy (Depp, booby)
  91. Dream dancer (Fantast, enthusiast or romantic)
  92. Not good (Idler, hallodri)
  93. Cockiness (Exuberance, exuberance)
  94. Full moon
  95. anticipation
  96. Wanderlust (Fancy hiking. The word has also been adopted into English.)
  97. Globetrotter (Frequent traveler)
  98. World Pain (Feeling of sadness and painfully perceived melancholy that someone feels about his own inadequacy, which he also regards as part of the inadequacy of the world and the existing conditions - Wiktionary.
  99. Bundle of joy (well-fed baby or toddler, positive meaning)
  100. Lucky bag (Surprise bag for children)
  101. Pipe dream (Fantasy)
  102. forgotten about time (a concentrated state beyond clocks, appointments, necessities and constraints)
  103. forget Me Not (Flowering plant)
  104. Togetherness

Comfortable words in classic quotes

I have also collected quotes from classical literature on the words that you see in the list above. Well-being words in the wild, so to speak. But don't worry, the selected passages are easy to understand ...

Feel-good words in literature

Of course she had blue eyes and a blonde, somewhat unfinished Mozart braid, and of course she smelled of butterbemmen, because she was one Fried fish. fried fish with the music folder. fried fish with the dangling angular movements. fried fish with the jerky head turning. fried fish with the colossal geography knowledge. fried fish with the dress that is not yet completely ladylike.

Otto Julius Bierbaum, Student Confessions, 1893.

But when he was walking towards his court towards evening, the doubts and doubts concern him again, and he Glimmer of hope fades like the last glow in the evening sky.

The last judge, Anton Schott, 1901.

Was there such a thing as security at all? And if so, was the circus the right place for it? Or just were they Dream dancer and Shooting stars? Every day only Frills in sense incapable of real work? Surrounded by emotions, Imi had never wondered how the circus could actually afford the STERNENTANZ. The truth was they had stolen the ship.

The first part of my star bird trips (# SVR1) also uses feel-good words - also from this list. This up here is a quote from Chapter 6:

More beautiful words

The 2nd part is NEW: Another 99 feel-good words - the most beautiful words in the German language

Dialect and foreign language

In addition to old or forgotten words, terms from dialect and foreign language can also be used enrichingly. There are also the feel-good words in Austrian and Swiss German. Here too, just don't overdo it, otherwise it will be incomprehensible. In language, too, it depends on the dose.

Workshop report 🔧

I found the retro suitcase photo on Pixabay. The Google Fonts used are BenchNine and PT Sans. In order to be able to give you the best result, I worked 6:40 hours from the idea to the publication on this post. The research took a while. The list has since been expanded several times.