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Savoy Brown (Blues Band), the band of Kim Simmonds



Genre: Blues, Rock, BOOGIE :-)
Founded in Welsh, UK in 1965

Teammates - a lot, but Kim Simmonds (guit.), He was always there.

For example:
Bob Hall (key), Lonsome Dave Peverett (voc., Guit), Roger Earle (drums), Tony Stevens (bass)
(the last three founded Foghat), Andy Silvester, Paul Raymond, Dave Bidwell, Stan Webb, Miller Anderson, Hubert Sumlin, Chris Youlden

Savoy Brown - Boogie Brothers

Savoy Brown is Kim Simmonds. Just as Stan Webb remains associated with Chicken Shack, so are Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown. Born on December 5th, 1947 in Newbridge South Wales, he hit the pubs with his guitar at the age of 18.
Infected by the blues through his brother Harry, he learned to play the guitar when he was 13. One of his role models was Chuck Berry. School finished at 15 and a job in London was accepted. In a record shop he met the harmonica player John O'Leary know. These two, Kim's brother, Harry Simmonds, Leo Manning, Brice Portius and Ray Chappell got together and played their blues.
Later came the keyboard, Trevor Jeavons, who was soon replaced by Bob Hall. Hall toured Savoy Brown with the Groundhogs, who in turn accompanied John Lee Hooker on his England tour. Like so many in the 1960s, they were influenced by Alexis Korner. In 1966 Kim Simmonds formed the Savoy Browns Blues Band with this line-up.

Savoy Brown and the Kilroy's Club

To make it easier to get involved, the Simmonds brothers opened their own club, the "Kilroy's". The club was located above a “Nag’s Head Tavern” in Battersea. It was advertised all over town and the club and Savoy Brown were slowly making a name for themselves. Harry Simmonds earned his living as a postman and thus had a good basis to promote the band. Mike Vernon heard about Savoy Brown and took her to the studio. Four songs were recorded. Vernon released two of the tracks on his own Purdah label. The big breakthrough came in the summer of 1966 when they performed at a gig with Cream. The performance was apparently so good that from now on they were also fully booked outside of their own club.
Savoy Brown was also able to perform in "black" soul clubs, as their singer Brice Portius was accepted here as a colored man. They were helped on the demos by ex-Stone's Masonry guitarist Martin Stone, Graham "Shakey Vick" Vickery and Steve Hackett. O'Leary left the Savoy Brown and joined the John Dummer's Blues Band.

Savoy Brown, Mike Vernon and Blue Horizon

In 1967 the first album was finally recorded. Produced by Mike Vernon and released on the Decca label "Blue Horion". In three days or 30 hours, "Shakedown" was ready. Blues standards from B.B King, Willie Dixon and John Lee Hooker were covered.
What followed was a tour of Denmark and numerous gigs in the UK. Here Savoy Brown accompanied John Lee Hooker. This time must have been quite stressful for everyone involved. So stressful that it started to cause problems with drugs. Harry temporarily fired his brother Kim. Chappell and Portius left and were replaced by Bob Brunning (Ex Fleetwood Mac) and Chris Youlden. Manning was next to leave Savoy Brown and there was none other than Hughie Flint of John Mayall's Bluesbreaker.
When Stone left, O'Leary was asked if he wanted to come back, after an initial acceptance he changed his mind and instead "Lonesome" Dave Peverett joined the Savoy Brown.
Lonsome Dave came from the Swiss band "Les Questions".
In the new line-up, the single "Taste and Try Before You Buy" was recorded with the B-side "Someday People"

Savoy Brown and Dave Peverett

When the single hit the market, Chris Youlden was hailed as the upcoming blues star. Brunning left Savoy Brown shortly afterwards and founded the "Brunning Sunflower Band" with Bob Hall and Hughie Flint his "Guinness Flint". After a long search and several attempts, including Bill Bruford, Rivers Jobe and Roger Earle were hired as drummers and bassists. "Getting To The Point" was recorded in the formation of Simmonds, Hall, Youlden, Peverett Jobe and Earle.
On “Getting To The Point”, Savoy Brown mainly uses his own material. Savoy Brown struggled with cast changes from the start, and that continued when Rivers Jobe left and Tone Stevens came.
A few singles were recorded and a tour to the USA followed with appearances in both Fillmore’s. The USA tour was a success. The next album, "Blue Matter", included a few earlier singles and a live performance with Lonsome Dave Peverett as the singer. Chris Youlden fell ill shortly before the gig and Peverett took over his part.

Savoy Brown and jammin 'with Foghat

The next album "Asylum", later renamed "A Step Further", was released in time for the second USA tour. All albums and singles had a small to medium success in the USA and made it into the charts. In contrast, they were hardly noticed at home. Hall, Peverett, Stevens and Earle jammed while recording "A Step Further". The jam session was secretly recorded. After the four musicians had listened to the recording, they were enthusiastic and added a few more songs. In the record series "The World Of .." the album "Rocked Out" was released under the band name "Warren Phillips and the Rockets". Was that the first Foghat session?

Savoy Brown and Chris Youlden

The second and third tours to the USA became even more successful. "Raw Sienna" was supposed to be Savoy Brown's best album to date, according to Kim Simmonds and Chris Youlden. Here they could realize their idea of ​​music. Unfortunately, the audience didn't see it that way and Savoy Brown again failed to make it into the top 100 of the charts, not even in the USA.
Chris Youlden was fed up with 1970, he no longer wanted to stand behind Kim Simmonds in the second row. There was no money or new ideas and so Youlden left Savoy Brown. Lonsome Dave Paverett did the vocals, as he has done several times in the past.
After a tour of the UK we went to the studio. "Lookin 'In" was created. It got rockier and the audience thanked Savoy Brown with 39th place in the US charts.
Bob Hall had always only been a guest musician and had a permanent job during the day. In the meantime, Savoy Brown's music had evolved and demanded more and more of the musicians.
The part-time job, Savoy Brown, became too much for Hall, but he didn't want to quit his job either, so Hall and Savoy Brown separated.

Savoy Brown and Juicy Lucy

A fifth tour through the USA began in late 1970. Following that, it was decided that Savoy Brown would be dissolved. Peverett, Stevens and Earle teamed up with Rod Price to form the much more successful Foghat.
Kim Simmonds was looking for new players and found Ron Berg, Paul Raymond, Andy Pyle and Pete Scott. Berg and Pyle came from Blodwyn Pig, Paul Raymond from Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack. With this line-up, the BBC went to the studio and then went on tour again in the USA, together with the Faces. After the tour, Pyle and Berg left to join Juicy Lucy. Two other Chicken Shack teammates, Andy Sylvester and Dave Bidwell, also joined Savoy Brown. Pete Scott left and was replaced by Idle Race's Dave Walker.
Street Corner Talkin 'was recorded in just four studio sessions. It jumped to number 75 on the US charts. There was no success on the island and so Kim Simmonds and Co were drawn to the USA again and again.
Hellbound Trail followed, and the producer, as with Street Corner Talking, was Neil Slaven. Hellbound Trail became Savoy Brown's most successful album and came up to 34th in the US. It was the weakest album for the band and the critics, but not for the fans.

Savoy Brown - Kim Simmonds Today

The crew changed once again. Pyle came back from Juicy Lucy and Sylvester went to the fruity lady for him. On the USA tour number 8, a concert in Central Park was recorded, only to be released in 1989. The music was great, but unfortunately not the sound of the recording. Lion’s Share was born in November 1972. Walker was called by Fleetwood Mac (later Black Sabbath and back to Savoy Brown) and Jackie Lynton came.
Kim Simmonds released albums with the various players at regular intervals. Particularly noteworthy is "Boogie Brothers", as some of the main characters of this rock circus were gathered here, Stan Webb and Miller Anderson.
Paul Raymond was later to be found at UFO and the Michael Schenker Group and even later at his Paul Raymond Project in Japan.
Kim Simmonds is still active today with his Savoy Brown and plays his blues. Savoy Brown was incomprehensibly never properly recognized at home. They had successes in the USA and on the European continent.

The discography was revised with the help of Gerhart, guests of the rock circus and helpers from the forum. Thanks :-))
Some of the information comes from the Kim Simmonds website, texts accompanying the records and numerous rock lexicons.

The line up from Shake Down:








Discography Savoy Brown


Savoy Brown - Shake Down (1967; Decca)

I Ain´t Superstitiois - Let Me Love You Baby - Black Night - High Rise - Rock Me Baby - I Smell Trouble - Oh! Pretty Woman - Little Girl - The Doormouse Rides The Rail - It's My Own Fault - Shake `Em On Down
Kim Simmonds + Brice Portius (voc), Martin Stone (g), Ray Chappell (b), Leo Mannings (dr) + Bob Hall (p on 3 tracks)

Savoy Brown - Getting To The Point - 1968

Flood in Houston, Stay With Me Baby, Honey Bee, The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman, Give Me A Penny, Mr. Downchild, Getting To The Point, Big City Lights, You Need Love, Walking By Myself, Taste And Try Before You Buy , Someday People

Getting To The Point in more detail

Savoy Brown - Blue Matter 1969

Tran to Nowhere; Tolling bells; She's got a ring in his nose and a ring on her hand; Vicksburg blues; Don't turn me from your door; Grits ain't groceries; May be wrong; Louisiana blues; It hurts me too

Savoy Brown - A Step Further 1969

Studio: Made Up My Mind; Waiting In The Bamboo Groove; Life's On Act Play; I'm tired; Where I Am
Savoy Browns Boogie: Feel So Good, Whole Lotta Shakin, Little Queenie, Purple Haze, Hernandos Hideway

A Step Further in more detail

Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna 1969

A hard way to go; That same feelin '; Master Hare; Needle and spoon; A little more wine; I'm crying; Stay while the night is young; Is that so; When I was a young boy

Savoy Brown - Looking In - 1970

still with Lonesome Dave, Roger Earl, Tone Stevens:
Gipsy; Poor girl; Money Can't Save Your Soul; Sunday Night; Looking In; Take it easy; Sitting An 'Thinking; Leavin Again; Romanoff

Savoy Brown Street Corner Talking

Tell mama; Let It Rock; I Can't Get Next To You; Tiem Does Tell; Street corner talking; All I Can Do; Wang Dang Doodle; Tell mama

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train - 1972

with Andy Silvester
Doin 'fine; Lost And Lonely Child; I'll Make Everything Alright; Trouble By These Days And Times; If I Could See An End; It'll make you happy; Hellbound Train

Savoy Brown - Lions Share 1972

Shot In The Head; Second try; The Saddest Feeling; I can't find you; Howling For My Darling; So Tired; Denim demon; Love me please; Hate To See You Go
Cast: Kim Simmonds; Dave Walker; Paul Raymond; Andy Pyle; Dave Bidwell drums
Thanks Peter :-)

Savoy Brown - Jack The Toad

Jackie Lynton -voc .; Kim Simmonds - Guit .; Paul Raymond - Key. Guit .; Andy Pyle - bass; Ron Berg - dr .; Dave Bidwell - dr. (retired during the recording because of his latent drug problems); Stan Saltzman - Sax; Frank Ricotti, Barry Murray, Ron Berg - Perc.
Coming Down Your Way; Ride on babe; Hold your fire; If I want to; Endless sleep; Casting my spell; Just 'Cos You Got The Blues Don't Mean You Gotta Sing; Some People; Jack the Toad

Savoy Brown - Wire Fire

Put Your Hands Together; Strangest Blues; Here Comes the Music; Hero to Zero; Deep water; Can't Get On; Born into pain
Thanks to Walter M. for the track list :-)

Savoy Brown - Live In Central Park

(rec. 1972, released: 1985; Relix)

Tracks: Let It Rock - Shot In The Head - The Saddest Feeling - Can´t Find You - Tell Mama - Love Me Please - Hip Shake
line up: KS + Dave Walker (voc), Dave Bidwell (dr), Andy Silvester (b), Paul Raymond (keyb, g, voc)
Thanks to Gerhart :-)

Savoy Brown - Savage Return

(1978; London)

The First Night - Don´t Do It Baby, Do It - Spirit High - Play It Right - Walk Before You Run - My Own Man - I´m Alright Now - Rock N Roll Man - Double Lover
Kim Simmonds + Ian Ellis (b, voc), Tom Farnell (dr)

Savoy Brown - Make Me Sweat

(1987; GNP Crescendo)

Limousine Boogie - Just For Kicks - Good Time Lover - Goin 'Down - Hard Way To Go - Don't Tell Me It's Over - Running With A Bad Crowd - Tell Mama - Shot In The Head - Breakin' Up - On The Prowl
Kim Simmonds + Dave Walker (voc), Jim Dagnesi (b), Al Macomber (dr, voc)

Savoy Brown - Jack The Toad

Live '70 -72 - 1973

So tired; Let it rock; The saddest feeling; Jack the toad; I hate to see you go; Love me please; Tell mama; Shake, rattle and roll; Hellbound train; All I can do

Savoy Brown - Rock 'n' Roll Warrior - 1981

Cold hearted woman; Georgie; Bath breaks; Don't tell me I told you; This could be the night; Lay back in the arms of someone; Shot down by love; Bad girls; Got love if you want it; Nobody's perfect; Street corner talkin '; I'm tired; Hellbound train

Savoy Brown - Slow Train

(1986; Relix) Subtitle "An Album Of Acoustic Music"
Slow Train - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Bone Shakin '- It's Too Late - Meet Me In The Bottom - Little Red Rooster - Come Back Baby - Another Man Done Gone - Ramblin' On My Mind - I'm Ready
line up: Kim Simmonds + Speedo Jones (harm), Chris Romanelli (b)

Savoy Brown - Boogie Brothers 1974

Highway blues; Me and the preacher; My love's lying down; You don't love me; Everybody loves a drinking man; Always the same; Rock'n'roll star; Boogie brothers; Threegy blues

Savoy Brown - Skin 'n' Bone

Get on Up And Dott; Part time lady; This Day Is Gonna; Be Our Last; She's The One; Skin'n'bone; Walkin 'and talkin'
Cast: Kim Simmonds; Paul Raymond; Ian Ellis; Tom Farnell
Thanks Peter :-)

Savoy Brown - Let It Ride - 1992

Yesterdays blues; Flat out; Let me be your driver; Feel like crying; Looking out; Let it ride; Cruisin 'speed; Don't tell me nothing; Ain't no sunshine; Nothing but the blues; Down all the days

Savoy Brown - Bring it Home

Mr Brown's boogie; Sweet loving thing; Too much of a good thing; Misery; Shake for me; Pack it up; High on your love; Worried one; Little wheel; You're in for a big surprise; Real fine woman; That's what love will do; Baby please

Savoy Brown - The Blues Keep Me Holding On

Going down to mobile; She's leaving; That's all I want baby; The blues keep me holding on; Bathroom shape; Mississippi steamboat; Ain't no need to worry; Headline news; Little red rooster; When you've got a good friend; Everybody says they want it;

Savoy Brown - Looking From The outside Live 69/70

I'm tired; Hard way to go; A little more wine; Savoy Brown boogie No. 2; I want you to love me; Louisiana blue; Memory pain; Leaving again; Money can't save your soul; Looking from the outside

Savoy Brown - Strange Dreams - 2003

When it rains; Can't take it with you; Meat shaking woman; Strange dream; Keep on rollin; Shake it all night; Pain of love; Believing in you; Memphis last night; Can't let you go

Savoy Brown - Kings Of Boogie

(1989; GNP Crescendo)

Tracks: Kings Of Boogie - Deep In My Heart - A Man Alone - No Win Love - Mean Business - Bad State Of Mind - Heartbreaks Make You Strong - Since You´ve Been Gone - Caught Me In The Saddle - All Burned Out - Until the Sky Fades Away
Kim Simmonds + Dave Walker (voc), Jim Dagnesi (b), Al Macomber (dr, voc)

Live and kickin´

(1990; GNP Crescendo)

Heartbreaks Make You Strong - I Can´t Get Next To You - 15 Miles To Go - Raise Some Thunder - Since You´ve Been Gone - Medley: Greatest Hits (I´m Tired / Hard Way To Go / Louisiana Blues / Street Corner Talkin´ / Hellbound Train / Guitar Solo) - Bad Intentions - Poor Girl - Wang Dang Doodle - All I Can Do Is Cry - Boogie
Kim Simmonds + Dave Walker (voc), Rick Jewett (keyb, voc), Pete Mendillo (dr), Lou Kaplan (b)

Savoy Brown - Greates Hits Live In Concert

(1981; Accord) double album

Street Corner Talkin´- I´m Tired - Hellbound Train - Train To Nowhere - I Can´t Get Next To You - All I Can Do Is Cry - Needle & Spoon - Tell Mama - Run To Me - Wang Dang Doodle - Louisiana Blues - The Boogie
Kim Simmonds + Ralph Morman (voc), Barry Paul (g, voc), Keith Boyce (dr), John Humphrey (b)


Savoy Brown - Voodoo Moon

Shockwaves, Natural Man, Too Much Money, She's Got The Heat, Look At The Sun, 24/7, Round And Round, Voodoo Moon, Meet The Blues Head On

Savoy Brown - Steel

Monday Morning Blues, Long As I've Got You, I Don't Remember You, You Don't Do A Thing For Me, Fly Away
Crying Forever, Daybreak, Echo Of A Sigh, Keeping The Dream Alive