How does a double vaginal penetration feel?

13 lies we girls are no longer allowed to tell about sex

13 sex lies that we girls are no longer allowed to tell

1. Sex hurts sometimes

Sex shouldn't hurt, and certainly no pain during sex should be endured. Neither with vaginal penetration nor with anal penetration - especially with the latter, this cannot be said often enough: Consensual, respectful and sensitive anal intercourse feels good. It takes time and trust and no anesthetic creams.

Indeed, diseases such as vaginismus and vulvodynia exist, albeit little known. So if sex remains painful despite the best conditions, such a diagnosis can be behind it.

2. Women don't think about sex often and don't like casual sex

Women like sex - just like men do. This is not a trend, but a fact. The belief that women are not interested in sex (see also point 8, keyword "frigid") persists because women are portrayed as the sensible part of a relationship. Men are childish, adventurous, playful. Women organize and take care.
Just as it is not fair to convey to men that they are "unmanly" if they do not think about every free minute and accept every opportunity to have sex, it is simply wrong to tell young girls that it is fashionable not to have a great desire for sex as a woman - and to live it out.

3. All women are born with a vagina

Some of the things on this list relate to the anatomy of people who were classified as female at birth. The aim is to address topics that have been considered taboo to date, but the goal is by no means exclusion.
Gender identity is not the same as biological gender. Trans women are women.

4. Your virginity is important and valuable

Aside from the fact that the whole idea of ​​virginity is rather dubious, it comes as no surprise that there is no medical way of telling whether someone is a virgin or not. Not even on a "torn" hymen.

The hymen usually ruptures during puberty. This can happen when jumping on a trampoline, while riding, in any sport. Some women are born without at all.
Despite the fact that half of the women did not bleed at all during their first penetrative sex, drops of blood on the sheets became permanent evidence of losing virginity.
The myth persists what serves a whole market: artificial hymen, the surgical restoration of the same - patriarchy and capitalism, what a team. Worst of all: that young girls are judged on their virginity.

5. Blood and pain: the first time always hurts

Much of the pain young girls and women experience during their first sexual experiences comes from increased muscle tension due to nervousness.
If blood is involved, it often comes from small tears in the vagina due to a lack of moisture and inexperienced movements and not tearing the "hymen".
Let's call it "self-fulfilling prophecy": If we stop telling girls to fear the first time and instead teach them to listen to their bodies and try them out without shame, things would be determined in the future a lot more pleasant for everyone involved.

6. Too much sex wears out your vagina

Yes, yes, the patriarchy thinks up a lot to train young women that too much sex would make them unattractive for the "one".
And, as is so often the case, the best evidence is here too: facts. In fact, women are just as different as men when it comes to the size, shape and, of course, the appearance of their sexual organs.

The vagina is like a rubber band. That is why the vaginal birth of a child does not leave any "permanent damage". Many women report that they feel differently after one (and this feeling is extremely subjective due to emotions, birth experiences, pelvic floor muscles and last but not least empathy of the partner) about their vagina, but we should teach young women much more that differences are normal. And no shortage.

7. The man always has condoms with him

Nobody needs to rely on someone else for safety and security. The best person to take care of it is you. Having condoms in your pocket makes you nothing more than an intelligent, responsible person.

8. If the woman does not want sex, it is her own fault if her boyfriend cheats on her

The myth of the "frigid woman" builds on the outdated - or rather, simply stupid - claim that women are responsible for keeping their husbands satisfied. If they don't, "he'll get it somewhere else". Tip: Instead of simply blaming infidelity on gender stereotypes out of laziness and convenience, give it a try with personal responsibility. After all, men really don't deserve to be treated like animals that are out of control.

9. Sex is synonymous with penetration

The well-known narrative of virginity ending with penis-to-vagina penetration falls short for many, many reasons. Starting with the hymen myth to ignoring oral and anal sex, the experiences and sexuality of LGBTQIA + people and, last but not least, the individual understanding of intimacy.
Sex is so much more than just putting two specific parts of the body together.

10. Once you've started having sex, you can't say "no" anymore

This is simply wrong, both large and small: if you experienced your first time at 15 and then don't want to have sex, you don't have to. If you cuddle and fumble, you don't necessarily have to take the next step. Like said Amber Rose Once so aptly: "And when I'm lying stark naked next to a guy and he's already put on the condom and I say 'hey, I don't want that, I've changed my mind', then that means exactly one thing: no."