How can I share good ideas

Develop ideasFive misconceptions about creativity

What do you do in your company to come up with new ideas? You may be doing what many companies expect to be successful: You meet as a team to brainstorm and formulate a goal. In addition, the only rule you formulate is that there are no rules. Employees are allowed to express even the most absurd ideas. Then all suggestions are collected and the result is the desired new ideas.

The reality, however, looks different in most companies: Instead of the hoped-for flow of ideas, the result of the brainstorming is rather thin. All collected and sometimes crazy ideas turn out to be useless in retrospect. That's because brainstorming is more of a promise of salvation than a creative method. Ideas just don't come by themselves, as this method suggests. Nevertheless, it is part of the standard repertoire in many companies when looking for new ideas.

However, a different approach is usually necessary for developing high-quality new solutions or problem solutions. To do this, you need to identify problems that others cannot see and approach those problems from different angles. To do this, you have to look specifically for inspiration and think your ideas through to the end. According to the motto of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison: "A small invention every ten days, a big invention every six months."