Chemical engineering is a good field

Profession as
Chemical engineer

In the job of chemical engineer, there is not just one field of work that you have to fit into. On the contrary, your options range from pharmaceutical companies to food technology to the automotive industry. In your last semesters you already had to specialize and narrow down your professional interests, which of course will also determine your future career.

As a student, you always structured your everyday life yourself. Often it was up to you which lectures you attend, when you start your internship or how you study for the exams. However, these freedoms change with professional life and you should be prepared for the fact that you have a working day of at least eight hours and that you are given a lot of responsibility. Especially with project work you have to stick to deadlines, which often means a higher workload.

If you decide to work in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, you can count on laboratory work. You will be involved in the development and implementation of devices, for example for the production of medicines, or you will lead project groups in which you keep an eye on the concept, quality and costs.

If your heart beats for technology on four wheels, you would feel at home in the automotive industry. A possible specialization for you could be paint chemistry. In this area of ​​application you make process improvements or analyze and optimize processes in wet chemistry.

Other criteria that you should meet in the job as a chemical engineer can also be of a commercial nature. This becomes important, for example, in project planning when you have to submit a cost review in the area of ​​investment and maintenance.

In general, working on the computer is your constant companion. Whether the optimization of chemical processes or the execution of a simulation, without technical aids you will not get any solid results. But if you notice that you are at a dead end with a topic, it can also happen that you have to program software yourself.