Which women's networks inspire you

"Women's networks are what will change everything"

A feminist podcast where only women have their say? Jeanne Drach makes it possible with her "heroines" podcast.

on March 29th, 2019, 12 noon

“For me, it's about the most normal thing in the world: that women finally do what they want and can do. We women do not live up to our potential. There is so much more in each of us. Go nuts, lose control, break the rules, question constructs, but finally dare to do what you want! ”Recommends the feminist performance artist Jeanne Drach. She withstands the pressure of the public, after all, she has been a feminist since she was four years old. For this she is alternately insulted or celebrated. Because women are simply too little represented in the media and positions of power for her, the front woman of the band “Kids n Cats” launched the first podcast in 2017 with “Jeannes Heldinnen”, which is exclusively devoted to a female perspective. The courage, the work and the openness of its protagonists make the podcast “Jeannes Heldinnen” a kind of feminist magic potion, a powerhouse to recharge your batteries. Not only Drach himself feels strengthened from the inside after 25 minutes in the talk with her extraordinary conversation partners. The WIENERIN had a lot of fun holding the microphone under the wonderful nose of the interview expert herself.

"Everything I do is feminist"

"I think it's bad when you have to be afraid of saying the wrong thing. It all depends on the context."

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WIENERIN: You say you need more courage. Why?

Jeanne Drach: Today we are constantly and all the time surrounded by fear. We are afraid of the stranger, of ourselves; we are afraid of the disease. Fear of being branded a hysteric by men just because we express our opinion. It would all be a lot easier if we did what we can, what we like and what is right for us. What I want to show is that every person can do a lot and simply has to dare to do more. So: don't let any constructs or rules scare you off! It's not just about what society thinks we women can trust us, but about what we trust ourselves.

WIENERIN: Why is it that women do not trust themselves to realize their ideas? To put it another way: What prevents women from using their potential?

It's a mix of different factors. It's social factors and fear. Fear of failure. I know enough women who are incredibly talented, but still don't “dare” each other. For example, they don't dare to found a band because they believe that they “can't do it well enough yet”. Even though I see myself as a very free person, I have limits and am influenced by society. Then I ask myself the question: is that going too far for me? Can i do it? Or do I give up and prefer to go to sleep.

You have to be open enough to change your mind and deconstruct the stereotypes you carry around with you.

by Jeanne Drach, performance artist

Jeanne Drach and Marten Kaffke alias "Kids n Cats"

© PR Pictures / Jeanne Drach and Marten Kaffke

What do your “heroines”, the women you interview for your podcast, have in common? What does the term "heroine" mean for you anyway?

The notion of "heroine" is indeed problematic. In any case, I am constantly questioning terminology and filling it with new content. Incidentally, the same applies to the word “woman” or the term “strong”. For “Jeannes Heldinnen” I choose women who inspire or fascinate me through their character or the areas in which they work. What they all have in common, however, is that I feel empowered after talking to them. That is an uplifting "Wow! -All-that-is-possible-feeling" and not a petty "What-have-I-done-in-contrast to-you?"

You are the front woman of the band "Kids n Cats". You write the lyrics, sing and say where the band is going ...

The core of the band consists of Marten Kaffke and me. So as band leaders there are two of us. On April 25, 2019 you can experience the rest of the "Kids n Cats" live as part of the Electric Spring Festival between 8:45 and 9:45 pm on the Hofbühne. The music industry I come from is unfortunately still a “boys club”. The men are still too much in focus. It's always the male bands that dominate. I do not accept the excuse that there are no good musicians at all. (Stage) Technicians don't take you seriously as a woman either. It is therefore so good to exchange ideas with women professionally and to give each other tips. This is it for me: women's networks are what will change everything. When many women meet who have a similar vision - it doesn't have to be the same - then everything changes.

Vienna is your hometown. You were born here, but have spent many years abroad e.g. in France, the USA, Algeria and Senegal. What is your cultural identity or do you find this question racist?

That is problematic.

Then don't answer the question!

I find it problematic that this question should be racist because I always ask the same question. It's exciting when people come from different cultures, how their cultural identity is made up and how they take it with them from the individual cultures. Besides that, you have to be able to ask questions without being afraid of saying the wrong thing. We all carry stereotypes or thoughts that are misanthropic. I think it's important not to ignore this part of us, but to change our minds. That’s the most important thing: you have to be open enough to change your mind and deconstruct the stereotypes you carry around with you. I consider it extremely dangerous not to ask questions or to forbid oneself to address certain things. Misunderstandings arise anyway. That is why it always depends on the context. Apart from that, identity is not something punctual or static, but is constantly changing.