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Björk: Vulnicura on CD

Björk: Vulnicura

Heal wounds with music

On her new album »Vulnicura« Björk dealt with the failed relationship with her partner Matthew Barney. Out of the love affair a wonderful album emerges, on which Björk sings in a softer voice than usual.

That fits the overall message of the album. Björk treats himself lovingly, because the secret is to rediscover your love for yourself. It's a rocky road with a happy ending. You fail, grieve and ultimately emerge from a crisis as a new person.

With »Vulnicura« Björk finds his way back to a more direct form of music. It proves: It's not just time that heals wounds - music does too.

CD (Compact Disc)

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  • Label:Embassy Of Music, 2015
  • Order number:6817034
  • Release date: 13.3.2015

Further editions of Vulnicura

Like a phoenix from the ashes of a relationship: Björk's »Vulnicura«

With her new, eighth album, »Vulnicura«, Björk returns to the music. The music is the original and essential part of Björk's ›Gesamtkunstwerk‹ and the characters she creates. This return to the power of music was sorely needed: after many years together, their relationship with Matthew Barney broke up. What remained was the real and human Björk beyond the fictional character (s).

At the end of a relationship, you involuntarily question yourself and, after a period of sadness, define your new self. Björk describes these phases on »Vulnicura« in an artful triptych: the time shortly before the end of the relationship, the time after and the aspects of the newly won self. Just as the album gave Björk new strength, the listener emerges stronger from the experience.

There was already great interest in Björk's new album in advance: »Vulnicura« was announced on the lists of the relevant music magazines as one of the most important new releases in 2015. Björk had planned the release well in March 2015. The album was to be released on the occasion of the Björk exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the same time as her book »Björk: Archives«.

Björk then published »Vulnicura« earlier than planned in digital form in January 2015. Like Madonna, she was the victim of an illegal advance publication on the Internet. The fact that she did not comment on this “leak” and instead reacted very quickly with the digital publication was received positively and enthusiastically by her fans and the public.

On »Vulnicura« Björk offers a direct insight into her soul - the texts are less artistic or less integrated into a large artistic overall concept. Björk sets them to music in a sophisticated way. She put a lot of care into the 15-part string arrangements in particular, because thinking about a violin helped her particularly well over her love affair. In addition to the strings, there are electronic beats, for which co-producer Arca was primarily responsible. Björk produced the album with him and The Haxan Cloak.

Björk's changed handling of her voice also contributes to the sound of »Vulnicura«. She sings much more gently than we know it, as if she wanted to be particularly loving with the most personal of all instruments, her voice, especially in the pain of separation.

Despite the lost love, Björk gives himself and us with »Vulnicura« one of her most beautiful albums in a long time: pure feeling - Björk in its purest form.


Spiegel Online: »Björk is back. Masterpiece. The singer's best album since the 1990s. "

Musikexpress: "Great album"

Tagesspiegel: »› Vulnicura ‹is Björk's return to great form, maybe even her best album since› Vespertine ‹from 2001.«

Spex: »The sobriety and directness of addressing the problem are Vulnicura's great artifice. You don't cry, but you suffer all the more. "
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  2. 2 Lionsong
  3. 3 History of touches
  4. 4 Black lake
  5. 5 Family
  6. 6 Notget
  7. 7 Atom dance
  8. 8 Mouth mantra
  9. 9 Quicksand

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