What is the 2-pen test

Tablet pen test 2021 • The 5 best tablet pens in comparison

What is a tablet pen?

The Tabletbelongs today next to that Notebook one of the most common purchases for mobile use, is somewhat lighter in design and construction and can be tested and compared without the associated keyboard be used. This is called up on the device itself as a digital keyboard, but is not necessary for many entries. Most of the applications in test and comparison can be called directly. The tablet is a personal computer that works with Bluetooth and allows Internet access. It is portable and practical in size, often between 7 and 15 inches tall.

With a processor from four to eight Cores and a RAM of 2 to 4 GB, tablets are very powerful and can therefore be used for many applications in the test and comparison. That's how it is Range of functions large and can be expanded to include the use of various apps. Tablets are often used as an information medium or for operating other devices, including Cameras or television. Also in bars and restaurants there are more and more Tablets for the easier and more direct entry of the order.

Even for more complex ones Graphics applications tablets are now very suitable. Images can be edited, cropped and rotated. Direct drawing on the screen is also possible if a tablet pen is used.

Precise inputs are required on a smartphone, a Tablet and with one Graphics tablet a corresponding tablet pen that is used on the touch screen. There are two types in stores, the passive stylus or touch pen on the one hand and the active one on the other Tablet pen or digitizer. While the passive input device can be used with various devices, the Digitzier is intended as a tablet pen for more specialized applications and also enables more realistic handling. Therefore, active digitizers as tablet pens are only compatible for certain tablets in the test and comparison. Graphic designers and artists prefer that Digitizer. For simpler ones Applications the stylus is also sufficient.

Structure of a tablet pen

A tablet pen is a hand made pen plastic or Aluminum. The tip is connected to a softer plastic core, while the pen itself is firm and hard. The soft tip is often made of rubber or Microfiber and allows gentle use on a sensitive screen without the risk of the tablet pen leaving scratches on the surface. Lots Models can in the top be replaced, e.g. B. offer an active gold pen tip and a passive microfiber tip for the capacitor and resistive touchscreen.

It is similar to a ballpoint pen Tablet pen in different Colours and also often has an erase function as a button at the end of the pen that works like an eraser. There are very narrow models with tablet pens Laser point function, Stylus, which are also a ballpoint pen, and models that have a telescopic element. The top can be a small pillow or an actual top. For resistive Screens there are also tablet pens with a metal tip. However, plastic tips or fiber tips that are less likely to scratch the display are better.

The input is very precise and much better than with the finger.

The tapered tip can be placed on the screen and is the only one that actually touches the display. This prevents too quick soiling and the annoying Legacy of fingerprints. The tablet pen works either with rechargeable battery and battery or with induction and electricity.

Tablet pen price / performance graph

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How does a tablet pen work

A tablet pen can be placed directly on the screen can be used while the end device, including the tablet or smartphone, captures the input signals and graphically depicts the writing or drawing movement of the tablet pen on the screen. With that, the Tablet pen can also be used as a pointing device or mouse.

Operation with the fingers is also on the typical tab as a capacitive input methodlet guaranteed, but the inductive input method with the tablet pen is more accurate. Functions like the Tilt detection and the Pressure sensitivity available, which means that the entry is made with pinpoint accuracy.

The tablet pen has an electromagnetic field, while the im Tablet screen The conductor loops contained are able to compare the signal strength and precisely detect the pointing position. The Tablet pen has additional functions so that you can work very finely and accurately, e.g. B. in the test and comparison, the pressure is increased and the line thickness is thus intensified. Pressing the buttons on the tablet pen is also direct effect and are digitized and modulated in the electromagnetic field. The determination by the tablet then takes place with hardly any delay due to the determination of the position data Presentation.

Areas of application and advantages of a tablet pen

A Tablet pen can in test and comparison can be used in many ways. It serves as a mouse and for entering notes, for direct sketching, drawing and writing, for annotations in documents and for more precise object selection on the screen, e.g. B. Click areas on the Internet or for calling up folders and apps. In connection with the tablet pen, a OCR software used that is able to Handwritten to be recognized and digitally converted to text as a typeface in block letters.

In addition, the Tablet pen many advantages and extended functions in the test and comparison. While a high quality Tablet pen Similar to how a normal pencil can be used on a sheet of paper, the technology allows for extended applications. Depending on which one Touch screen it is, the tablet pen can be selected afterwards. A stylus is required for resistive screens and a tablet pen with a capacitive field at the tip and a conductive one for capacitive screens Material. Resistive displays react to pressure, capacitive ones to touch and movement.

Easier entry and more flexibility

Entering with the tablet pen is much more precise and faster. The Tablet pen Allows you to click on all applications, write, draw and erase on the screen with a thin tip, in order to be able to directly erase what has been recorded.
The Delete function is usually available via a button on the pen or on the back of the pen, allowing more flexibility at work. About a Pressure sensor the contact pressure is recognized and forwarded so that the font is displayed realistically, sometimes thinner and sometimes thicker. The pressure-sensitive representation is useful for writing and sketch and is used in different stages reproduced.

Precise work

A thin tip or a digital soft pillow am Tablet pen have different tasks. While the wider area is more suitable for direct inputs and options, e.g. B. to call the apps and applications, the tip is used from different materials and sizes of the precise hand control of the pen. In addition, many tablet pens have palm recognition, which is also called "Palm Rejection" referred to as. This is intended to detect the approach of the pen on the display, but to put the holder inoperative by the ball of the hand so that it does not become undesirable Inputs comes. This requires a capacitive display with the appropriate software so that the tablet pen and screen can optimally communicate with one another.

Advanced application and graphics replacement

Many artists and graphic designers are making increasing use of it Graphics tablets or simple Tablets for the presentation and sketching their ideas. An active tablet pen is used like a normal pen and is then also able to vary the line thickness and recognize the pressure and inclination of the hand. As a result, the technical version of the pen allows the same hand guidance as on the sheet of paper. These Functions are essential for graphics users. A cheaper one Stylus can be used less for this.

Avoiding fingerprints on the display

Operation on one Touch screen with fingers and hand often leaves unwanted fingerprints in the test and comparison, which have to be wiped away every time. A tablet pen that supports the surface only touched it with the fine tip in the test. Fingerprints can thus be avoided and the screen can be used gently and cleanly.

What types of tablet pens are there in stores and on the Internet?

To work efficiently with a tablet pen, the poll on the existing device. A resistive screen requires a different model than a capacitive display, the latter being more common today. Be differentiated Tablet pens in the test and comparison therefore in the following variants:

Passive tablet pen or stylus

The typical stylus has been around for a long time. Such models are used on all resistive and capacitive screens. The tablet pens work passively via pressure contact, whereby the tip of the pen is made of conductive material. Most of the time this is off Plastic, rather broadly based and allows normal applications.
Here is the Tablet pen less precise and serves more as a mouse replacement or for that To mark of text passages. However, the input is still more precise than with the finger. Advanced features like the Palm recognition, however, does not have a stylus. A high-quality and softer tip prevents scratches on the display.

Active tablet pen or digitizer

An active one Tablet pen is mostly a modern one Digitizer and suitable for extended applications. It allows realistic hand guidance with palm, pressure and inclination detection and thus clean and accurate work and drawing. While operation with the passive stylus is based on a mechanical or capacitive process, the digitizer works with an electronic process. The im reacts Tablet processed foil des Touch screens directly with the active tablet pen. Inside there is a magnet with a coil that generates the desired induction voltage directly at the tip of the pen. The Models work without batteries with electricity or Bluetooth transmission. An active one is used Tablet pen often in the test and comparison with the associated software.

However, the tablet pen must be used for the screen be compatible, which does not apply to all devices.

It has different buttons for functions, e.g. B. a switch to mouse button function or an erase and delete function. Handwritten and Sketched can thus be displayed digitally on the screen.
Thanks to the palm recognition system, the hand can also be placed on the screen without any additional input. Especially Hybrid trays are best for the digitizer.

Bluetooth tablet pen

The modern version in the test and comparison is the Tablet pen With Bluetooth function. The entire transmission takes place via Bluetooth. This means that additional functions such as pressure sensitivity or the Palm recognition also possible. Bluetooth tablet pens are suitable for realistic hand guidance, are very precise in use and require the associated software. The Models are still relatively expensive in retail. These models also belong to those of the active tablet pen.

Possible test criteria - this is how tablet pens are tested in a comparison

To get a detailed and extensive test and comparison To start, various manufacturer models are purchased, tested and evaluated. The assessment relates to the individual attributes and characteristics of the individual Tablet pens and the direct comparison between the manufacturer's models.

With regard to the ease of use, the response time of the pen, the accuracy and the range of functions, a list of the best can be made Tablet Pens are created, which also presents the comparison winner in the test.

height and weight

In the test and comparison, a tablet pen should lie comfortably in the hand and allow realistic hand control. This is not possible with all models, as there were also very simply designed input pens in the test. The investigation is carried out in the comparison the size and the weight of the respective model. A pen that is too light is just as unfavorable as a heavy stylus that puts strain on the arm. However, the test shows that the models are very balanced balance from size and weight.

Color, structure and design

Many tablet pens excel in the test and comparison characterized by a modern, ergonomic and practical design, are also available in many colors. Models made of aluminum also offer a shiny material with a pen holder. The plastic and plastic input pens are made a bit simpler in the test, but should be well made. An eraser function and an extended key assignment for application options are included in the test and comparison advantageous and should be sensibly attached and easily accessible, and respond well to pressure.


The tablet pen is tested for its compatibility with various Terminals. The decisive factor is the use on modern capacitive screens. Stylus can be used in an extended manner iPads, smartphones, Android and iOS tablets. With digitizers and Bluetooth pens, compatibility is often limited to certain end devices, although there is still a large selection. All input pens in the test and comparison can be used normally on the protective film and protective glass.

Pen tip, line width and material

The material of the pen tip consists of microfiber, plastic, rubber, aluminum or gold. An exchangeable tip with different line widths is particularly recommended in the test and advantage and guaranteed with many models. The more expensive variants have a soft and flexible tip, usually with a diameter between 2 and 4 millimeters. In the test and comparison, these are ideal for sketching and drawing on tablets and graphics tablets.

Software, key assignments and accuracy

Some more expensive Models offer a number of different buttons, e.g. B. for the delete function. Their use is examined in the test and comparison, and it is also tested whether a free key assignment is possible. The Keys should sit comfortably and be attached to the side or back. Is advantageous z. B. a touch ring for easier operation.

More important for the rating however, is the precise input and accuracy of the pen. This is tested by drawn lines, where the pen reacts quickly in the transmission and none at the same time Interruptions should cause. In the test and comparison, models are sorted out that make the line wavy when guided slowly.

Palm recognition

in the test and comparison the additional functions are checked with active input pens. These include the palm detection, which prevents hand touches on the screen Effects while working with the pen. This is only possible with capacitive displays and hybrid screens that are suitable for both finger touch and use with the pen.

Natural spelling and usage

The natural one is important for a good tablet pen Hand guide and notation. The desired line should therefore be visible on the screen when the tip hits, and the pen should also work in an inclined position. Some Models in the test and comparison require more pressure and also have a wider tip. It tests how the pen moves quickly and slowly over the screen behaves.

Batteries and duration of use

An active stylus usually works with it Battery operated. The Duration of use and power, as well as the battery indicator, which is often in the form of an LED light. To save the battery, a Tablet pen often switch off automatically in the test and comparison if the inactivity lasts longer than 3 minutes.

What do I have to consider when buying a tablet pen?

The Tablet pen or digitizers in stores and on the Internet from a large number of models that have their advantages and disadvantages. There are very inexpensive devices that can either be changed at the top or from a set of several Stylus consist. A crucial difference concerns the tip of the input devices.

It can be designed as a nub pad or as a thin tip on the tablet pen, which in turn is test and compare the Possible uses certainly. Therefore, before buying, you should consider exactly what the pen will be used for. A thin tip allows more precise work and is especially useful for artists and Graphic artist Interesting. The tip is thin and harder, while the touch pad on the pen is wider, cushioned and only allows input on the Display and marking is allowed, but is more precise than input with the finger.

Material and design

The material of the Input pen can out plastic or be metal. The material of the tip is more important. Rubber or plastic tips wear out relatively quickly and then have to be replaced.

On the other hand, they are for him screen very suitable and do not leave any scratches on the film. A different texturing also enables a different writing experience, which is precise Work how drawing is beneficial.

Pressure sensitivity and line width

Crucial Purchase criterion is the Pressure sensitivity of the tablet pen. This determines how natural the hand control is and can be done even more precisely via an extended inclination detection. The Pressure sensitivity in the case of an input pen, pressure levels are specified, which then also define the line thickness. Many models work with a sensitivity between 2,048 and 4,094 pressure levels. There is an extended model from "Wacom" with 8,192 pressure levels. Very cheap models have a rubber tip and react less quickly. The real differences between the Pressure levels are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The type of the Input pen and the pen tip. Many cheaper models are available with interchangeable tips in one size between 5 to 14 millimeters. Can also be a Aluminum tip against a Plastic tip be replaced. In the more expensive models, the tip is usually flexible and adaptable, and is also much thinner, including a diameter between 1.5 and 2 millimeters, which is comparable to a fineliner in the test. The thinner the tip, the more precise the input is possible. The material should also protect the screen and not cause scratches.


Most tablet pens and stylus are universal devices and therefore also for everyone Terminals compatible. Only the expensive digitizers can allow more applications in connection with certain devices and therefore always need a look at the before buying Compatibility. It can then be decided whether a simple stylus is sufficient or a model with Bluetooth is the better choice.

Comfortable writing on the screen

Specially developed models allow a natural and comfortable Write, especially if the tip is pressure sensitive and the design is ergonomic. The palm recognition as an important function prevents unwanted images. The included battery also plays a role in terms of comfort. It should be powerful and work for a long time, be easy to charge via a USB cable and the charge status via a Led lamp Show. There is also an automatic shutdown at the Non-use of the pen is practical and saves the battery.

Brief information on the leading manufacturers and brands:

  • Wacom
  • Hama
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
The manufacturer specializes in pen-type input devices and the associated tablets “Wacom”, a brand that is particularly popular among digitizers and stylus. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in Kazo, Japan, and markets pens for PCs, smartphones, tablets and graphics tablets. A quality pen is the "Wacom Babmoo Ink" and the "Intuos Pro". The input pens are very precise, high quality and light. "Wacom" offers free software for advanced applications.
From the company "Hama" There is a wide selection of very high-quality and somewhat more expensive input pens, most of which are active, battery-powered stylus. These are available as simple models for entering notes and transcripts, for brief sketching and marking, and as more complex models for graphics applications. The writing experience is similar to using a normal ballpoint pen, and the design is accordingly the same. "Hama" requires comprehensive and strict quality control for its products and has existed as a traditional brand since it was founded in 1923.
"Apple" is a leading brand in the computer and multimedia sector, launched the first tablet without a keyboard and also offers high-quality input pens and stylus in conjunction with its devices. These are of course especially compatible with “Apple” devices, including the iPad and iPhone. The “Apple Pencil” can also be used for other devices, is available in the 2nd and 3rd generation, has many functions and is designed to be simple and unmistakable. The white input device has only one grip surface and a soft plastic tip, plus an eraser and double lips to switch between tools. When used with “Apple” devices, the “Pencil” can be charged and paired wirelessly. The devices automatically recognize the stylus.
The stylus of "Microsoft" is called "Surface Pen" and is one of the universal models that can be used in a variety of ways and are suitable for many end devices. The digital pen was developed independently by "Microsoft" as an active stylus and works optimally with Windows operating systems. The price of the stylus is a little higher. The pen can be used like a mouse and offers extended functions. The first model was presented by "Microsoft" in 2012. The modern version is called "Surface Pro Pen".

Retailers vs. Internet: where is the best place to buy my tablet pen?

A Tablet pen is in the Specialized trade and available on the Internet. There is a good selection of well-known brands available in stores, which are in the quality differ only slightly. The offer on the Internet is somewhat broader, as manufacturers sell the goods worldwide. That allows for something a little cheaper price and the direct marketing of the products, which benefits consumers.

The delivery is now generally very reliable, the products are described in detail and rated by customers. A customer consultation on site is accordingly for the purchase of one Stylus unnecessary. Test and consumption pages can also be used for information about the models.

10 common criteria based on Customer reviews - These advantages and disadvantages describe customer reviews:

Buying a stylus is in network popular. Accordingly, customers rate many branded products and prefer the comparisonincluding well-known manufacturers such as "Hama", "Microsoft", "Apple" and "Wacom". The natural writing experience combined with precise work are among the most important requirements for a good rating. Stylus that react delayed or that are undesirable Display scratch. A very thin pen tip is not always necessary. Bluetooth is also not a requirement for all customers. Further customer criteria are the following:

Advantages at a glance

  • battery-saving operation with automatic shutdown
  • Battery LED indicator
  • compatibility with many devices
  • a quick response to input commands
  • the good and natural hand control
  • a rubberized and ergonomic grip surface
  • high quality workmanship
  • exchangeable pen tips
  • suitability for left and right handers
  • the existing functionality on a protective film
  • great features like palm detection and pressure sensitivity

Disadvantages at a glance

  • no precise input
  • limited compatibility
  • a delayed response time between the pen and the tablet
  • various disturbances in the transmission
  • a wavy line formation with slow pen movement
  • not good pressure sensitivity
  • Interruptions in the movement of the pen on the screen
  • a lack of hard resistance in rubber tips and attachments
  • Tips that cause scratches
  • a slippery grip surface
  • Knobs and tips that only react to very strong pressure

Interesting facts and advice

History of the tablet

A Tablet pen In comparison, it is suitable for many end devices, but was specially designed for resitive, then capacitive and hybrid screens. That makes it interesting to look at the history of the tablet's origins. There were first attempts to build such small computer systems as early as 1915, which were then operated and controlled with a pen. The first patent applied Hyman Eli Goldberg on one apparatus who was able to Manuscripts through a pen to be able to recognize automatically. About 40 years later, a company developed the “Stylator”, the first graphics tablet, although for a very long time such devices were only intended as alternative input devices and certainly not as a replacement for the PC.
In comparison, "Apple" developed the first tablets in 1987.

The first Message pad was introduced in 1993 and was for most People unaffordable. Handwriting recognition was very imprecise and was not improved until the 1998 series. The breakthrough then came with the iPad, which was introduced by Steve Jobs and no longer required pen operation. From then on, tablets could be marketed as the main devices alongside computers. Newer versions for advanced Applications then allow touching with the finger as well as with a stylus and are marketed as hybrid tablets.

Tips and tricks - Versatile use of the tablet pen

A simple one Stylus is also simply structured and can be operated intuitively. Mostly he has a glowing one LED display for battery operation, similar to a right-click button for the mouse Locomotion on the sides or by clicking the options, a delete function button in the rear area and the tip at the front, which is permanently integrated or can be exchanged for other tips.

With enhanced pressure sensitivity and Tilt detection can a tablet pen in the test and comparison then z. B. by "Microsoft", "Apple" and "Wacom" can be used at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Some Models also have a magnetic holder and are for that Freehand drawing suitable. The pen can be attached to the tablet via the magnet. In comparison, there is an upper one Button, The functions can usually be freely defined, e.g. B. the delete function. To do this, the pen is simply turned around to erase in the test. The button on the side is intended for right-clicking. This is pressed while the pen tip is on the screen and the option is clicked. This function reacts differently in the different apps.

The modern stylus is in the test and comparison increasingly these days Hybrid devices used. These are able to between pen and finger to distinguish. The pen must be inductive for this, as the screen itself has an inductive and capacitive layer.
The Pin position then causes the induction in the test and comparison, whereby the hand can also be placed on the screen while working, while the Hand touches trigger no effect. In addition to the pressure measurement, there is also one in the test Hover function offered, the z. B. allows additional functions to be displayed without the pen touching the surface.

Operation with the tablet pen on the screen - the difference between a resistive and capacitive screen

The suitability of a Tablet pen depends in test and comparison with the type of screen, there are two different models, the resistive and the capacitive display. In comparison, a resistive model only reacts to pressure, which is done by the tablet pen, finger or fingernail. This is a touch screen that consists of two layers. The lower one is made of glass, the upper one Polyester. Most of the time the Glass layer under DC voltage and as soon as the layers are pressed together by pressure, tension is transferred to the upper film and layer. This is sent to the Margins measured to determine the position of the pressure point.

The capacitive one screen reacts in test and comparison on direct Contact, so there is no need to apply pressure. This display already interacts with the smallest contact points. It consists in test and comparison does not consist of several layers, but only has a glass plate on which a conductive and transparent film is stuck. When touched, the desired alternating current is generated in comparison with an electrical field, which is determined at the corners of the screen and thus reflects the position of the touch with the tablet pen or finger.

In comparison they are capacitive Tablets slightly more resistant and less prone to scratches. The use of a tablet pen is therefore particularly recommended for resistive screens in the test.
Capacitive screens can be operated very precisely, as is Multi-touch possible. Resistive tablets can also be operated with gloves or various pens, as long as the appropriate pressure is applied. More common and modern in trade are capacitive models that offer more advantages in the test due to their versatile use and low wear and tear.

Stiftung Warentest tablet pen test - the results

One test and comparison Stiftung Warentest has not yet started specifically for the tablet pen. Only different ones were tested Tablets, partly also in use with a stylus. Was assessed in Comparison, how the tablets behaved when typing with a tablet pen, whether drawings and Manuscripts made and whether these were recognized quickly and well. The test of Foundation, endowment The product test then also concerned the stability of the screen and how fast it was scratch pointed to it. The relationship was investigated directly with the processing. About the quality the Input pens however, nothing was said.

In contrast, many offer independent Test-