How important is muscle strength in cricket

The advantages of the game of cricket

Cricket is a popular bat and ball sport, especially in the Commonwealth of Nations. Cricket allows you to spend time outdoors while in a competitive and physical match. In cricket, two teams of 11 players each compete against each other to score the most runs in an inning. In addition to fresh air and friendly competition, cricket contains numerous physical and social benefits.


As with most sports, cricket helps build muscle and burn calories while improving coordination and endurance. In a physically active game, cricket involves throwing the ball, striking the ball with the long, flat club, jumping from wicket to wicket, throwing, and throwing it into the field. Strong, quick legs help players achieve runs. The strength of the upper body improves the throwing and hitting of the ball. The hand-eye coordination and flexibility will help you catch the ball and keep it in play.


One of the benefits of the sport is making new friends and enjoying the camaraderie of your teammates. Cricket games can last several hours and within that time you will need to work cooperatively with your team to develop game strategies, initiate and win the game. Celebrating wins and recognizing losses are more fun when done with your friends.