When will Amazon support Google Checkout

Official: Amazon Visa confirms start with Google Pay

Amazon confirms Google Pay
Photo: Amazon Last week there were already indications that Landesbank Berlin (LBB) will also offer Google Pay and Apple Pay in the future. The owners of credit cards from Amazon and ADAC would benefit from this. Now, Amazon, the first company to offer a credit card issued by LBB, has confirmed the launch of Google Pay.

There is nothing to be read about Apple Pay in the message to customers. In addition, it could take a few weeks before Google's mobile payment service is actually available. The changes to the General Terms and Conditions come into effect at the turn of the year and the new list of prices and services for Amazon Visa is also dated January 1, 2021.

1822direct with Google Pay support

Amazon confirms Google Pay
Photo: Amazon Google Pay is already available at 1822direct. Anyone who uses a checking account and a Visa card from the bank can now integrate the credit card into Google's mobile payment service. The offer is amazing in that this credit institution is a brand of Frankfurter Sparkasse. However, the savings banks still do not offer their customers Google Pay.

The savings banks rely on their own payment app on the Android platform, in which credit cards and girocards can be digitized. The application works just like Google Pay, but can only be used on a smartphone. The contactless payment service from Google is also compatible with smartwatches based on the WearOS operating system.

Vivid Money on Apple Pay

With Vivid Money there is now also a new Apple Pay partner. To this end, the credit institution works with Solarisbank. Customers have been notified of the new service by email. The app also provides information on the option of adding the Visa card to the Apple Wallet in digital form.

October 28th and the official start of Samsung Pay in Germany is getting closer. Participants in the beta test, which has been running since the end of September, will already receive a corresponding notification in the app. An app update is required again for the regular start. The previously used application will then no longer work.