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Oranges fresh to your home

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Why buy online

Buying oranges and tangerines online has become a normal, easy, and very convenient process for many families. We invite you to join these families and try high quality oranges and mandarins, freshly picked, sent straight from the grove to your home, from producer to consumer, without any post-harvest handling. Fresher, more natural and with the full taste and all the vitamins that we have been enjoying in our homeland for more than two centuries, with all the Mediterranean sun. It's almost like coming here in person and picking the fruit from the tree.

From Cullera and so cute!

Our orange trees are located in the urban area of ​​Cullera, on the banks of the Xúquer River, about 40 km south of Valencia and right next to the L’Albufera Natural Park. And the Valencian oranges have an excellent reputation throughout Europe for their good quality. We mainly carry the varieties Navelina and Lanelate, both from the umbilical orange family. They have a wonderful taste and very juicy flesh, making them ideal for both juice and table oranges. Both varieties keep for a very long time after harvest, sometimes up to more than a month. At the end of the season we have the Valencia-Late variety, which is the latest variety. Even if they are a little smaller, a little more acidic and a little less sweet, their freshness, maturity on the tree and prompt dispatch give them a quality that no other orange that you can find in the supermarket at the same time. In this way we can offer our customers delicious fresh oranges for a large part of the year.

Which citrus fruits should you choose, mandarins or clementines?

The term “mandarin” is a general trade term that includes different families of small oranges, such as the clementines, satsumas and hybrid fruits. The clementines are valued and come in many different varieties, each with its own gradation. They are sweet, juicy and easy to peel. The Clemenvilla itself is a hybrid fruit made from Clementine and Tangelo with an exceptional taste.

The first fruits that we offer each season from October are early clementines: Clemenrubí, Oronules, Esbal (or fine clementines) and Clemenules. This is followed by the Clemenvilla, our favorite fruit and a special variety that is not always easy to find in supermarkets. It is a delicacy with a long shelf life after harvest that accompanies us at Christmas and is a healthy and tasty treat for children. At the end of January we continue with the late mandarins such as the Hernandina, the Moncada or the Safor and other varieties, which are harvested when they have reached the best ripening point, of course always fresh from the tree and without any subsequent treatment.

What is our secret for such tasty and healthy oranges?

The wonderful taste of fresh oranges and mandarins without post-harvest treatment will surprise anyone who has only tried oranges from the supermarket. To guarantee that the oranges are fresh, they are sent from the tree with a few leaves that arrive fresh and prove that the oranges have not been kept in a cold room. In addition, we do not use any methods of de-greening: there are mandarins that sometimes retain green peel when fully ripe. They are packaged and dispatched on the same day of harvest and delivery takes place three to four days later, keeping all their freshness. It's almost like owning your own orange grove. If you've tried Valencian citrus fruits on site, then you know what we're talking about.

Oranges with less ego and more eco

Our company is committed to sustainability, both in environmental protection and in the management of our company. Furthermore, social justice is important to us. For this reason we are that Project of the Economy for the Common Good joined. We do this with humility and knowing that we can improve. For your information we would like to read the official report on our balance sheet of the common good so you know where we stand and what we can do better as a business, contribute to a better world.

We are also very pleased to be one of the few Valencian companies selling citrus fruits online that does the Certificate for the online sale of organic oranges and citrus fruits - duly marked on our website - has received. This seal, which is valid across Europe, is the only official guarantee that these fruits are completely organic. If you share our opinion, then you will certainly appreciate our commitment and the quality of our fruits, and you can be sure that their production follows certified protocols and to the contributes to better well-being for all - farmers, consumers and the environment.

Natural oranges and citrus fruits with plenty of quality

Our products are supplied in reinforced recycled cardboard boxes in quantities of 10, 15 or 20 kilos. The delivery of 20 kilos consists of two boxes of 10 kilos each, so it is very easy for you to share the fruits you have bought at a discounted price with other people. We also offer mixed boxes with different combinations of oranges, mandarins and a serving of lemons. We are at your disposal if you have any questions about shipping quantities or special shipments, e.g. as a gift on special occasions.

Sending fresh oranges: fast, reliable and 100% safe

In oranges fresh to your home, we have and will not have access to any information about your credit card. We use the secure payment gateway from Servired (Visa and Mastercard) to settle orders. We also offer payment by PayPal, bank transfer or, upon prior request, by direct debit. Of course, we also have a customer service - as a contribution to your satisfaction - which solves any kind of questions or problems relating to your order in less than 24 hours on working days.