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Google announced at the I / O 2019 developer conference that Kotlin is now the preferred programming language for Android apps. Anyone starting a new project should write it in Kotlin.

Only two years ago, at I / O 2017, Google introduced Kotlin on an equal footing with Java as the official Android programming language. Since then, app developers no longer have to use an additional plug-in for Android Studio to use the language. In the future, Google will rely entirely on Kotlin. "The Android development is increasingly going in the direction of Kotlin-first," as Google explains in a blog entry. Developers should use Kotlin when restarting a project, recommends the search engine giant. Jetpack APIs and functions would first be offered for Kotlin in the future.

Kotlin requires less code

According to Google, one of the advantages of Kotlin is that the programming language requires less code, which means that the expenses for writing, testing and introducing apps would be reduced. In the past two years, Kotlin has become the most popular programming language among Android developers. More than half of professional programmers use the Java alternative for app development, as Google explains.

In the latest Stack Overflow survey on the most popular programming languages, Kotlin is in fourth place behind Rust, Python and Typescript. Java, on the other hand, holds tenth place in the ranking of the unpopular programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat programmers would prefer not to use any more. In the current survey of programmers, Android is one of the platforms for which most have recently developed something. On the popularity scale, however, Android lags behind competitors such as Linux, Raspberry Pi, MacOS or iOS.

Given Kotlin's popularity, Google's support makes sense, as Techcrunch writes. Google is aware that not every Android developer is using Kotlin, but that should change, says Chet Haase, the Google manager responsible for Android. Of course, there are understandable reasons for continuing to use C ++ and Java - and that is perfectly fine.

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