Why does Owl City use abstract texts

Adam Young aka Owl City isn't thinking of taking off

From the basement to the charts: Owl City still remains on the ground.

The number of famous people that Owatonna, a town of 25,000 people in Minnesota, produced is relatively manageable: an artist who made figures from crops, a bluegrassfidler, a supporting role actor and a handful of unknown musicians. And Adam Young. An introverted young man who just landed a worldwide chart hit under the name Owl City - out of his parents' basement. "Fireflies" will be followed by the album "Ocean Eyes" on February 19th.

The 22-year-old tenderly calls his basement "Bathöhle": "It's quiet and dark and the perfect place to escape the sleeping world while I lie awake again. Nobody bothers me, I can collect myself there and put all my energy in Let my music flow. It's a lot nicer to record at home than fly to Los Angeles and book a studio there. "

So the synth popper from southern Minnesota is a night owl. But there is another story behind his stage name: "When I was in the second grade, a classmate brought an owl with me to the science class. His family raised the animals. But when he took the bird out of the cage, the bird freaked out and flew around wildly. We children ran screeching through the classroom. This image burned itself into me. "

In general, Adam Young likes to be inspired by nature - including his hit "Fireflies": "I was camping in northern Minnesota when the idea for the song came up. The trip was planned for a long time because there was a meteor shower that night I lay on my back and looked at the stars. I noticed how much they resemble fireflies in an abstract way, "remembers the public-shy singer, who also likes to transform his daydreams into music. When he's not absorbed in his own compositions, the Braunschopf prefers to listen to experimental or instrumental pieces: "As a listener, I like not being told what to feel or think. That gives me a feeling of magic, boundlessness, hope and optimism, precisely because there are no rules. "

One rule seems to have already been successfully overridden for Owl City: namely, that a young, unknown artist has to go through every broadcast in all corners of the world in order to make a breakthrough. Instead, the provincial child simply lets his music speak for itself while he continues to sit in the basement of his parents' house and happily eat the cheesecake that his best friend's sister is baking. And if he does leave the bath cave, he just takes Minnesota with him: In his band he unceremoniously gathered his five best friends, with whom he now does what he can do best and what he enjoys most. "What more could you want?" Asks Adam Young. Yeah, what actually?

Owl City on tour through Germany

February 27, Cologne, Gloria

February 28, Munich, 59 to 1

March 1st, Berlin, magnet