Apple's product line is becoming too confusing

"AirPods Studio" in production, future AirPods with new health sensors

As confusing as it may seem at first glance, Apple is apparently still planning to significantly expand its AirPods product line, although its subsidiary Beats already has similar audio devices on offer.

The brand's first over-ear headphones, presumably called "AirPods Studio", are now in production, reports the Taiwanese electronics journal DigiTimes. According to the information, the devices have now gone into production, component suppliers include Unitech Printed Circuit Board and Compeq Manufacturing, sources said in the newspaper. This time, Apple does not seem to be relying on final assembly in China, but is going to Vietnam. The IT news service had this before The information reported.

Against Sony and Bose

Apple is apparently planning to compete with the "AirPods Studio" wireless travel headphones from Bose or Sony, which have active noise cancellation (ANC). The price of 350 US dollars is haunted by the scene - so quite significant sums. In April, it was said that several elements of the headphone should be attached magnetically, making them easy to replace: In addition to the ear pads, you can also change the padding of the headband in order to adapt it to different applications. Apple is working on several variants, including a version with leather-like materials and a lighter model version with breathable materials that are designed for fitness use.

News about the "small" AirPods

In addition, the development of the regular AirPods continues. Here the reports DigiTimes In another report, Apple wanted to integrate an ambient light sensor (ALS) into new models. Among other things, this will contain components from ASE Technology from Taiwan and will be installed over the next one to two years. The sensor could be used for biometric and medical applications, such as measuring blood oxygen levels in the ears or recording pulse data. Ear-based pulse oximeters are already known from the hospital, where they are clipped onto the earlobe.


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