Can Hawaii become a country?

Hawaii country and travel information

Hawaii is the most isolated group of islands in the world, the US coast is approximately 4,000 kilometers away. The islands are one of the dream destinations on earth, if not the number one dream destination for many people. Already in the melodic sounding name there is a hint of the South Seas. The islands can be easily combined with each other thanks to the good and inexpensive inter-island flights; On site, a rental car is recommended for individual exploration tours, as there is hardly any public transport. Choose from our top hotel offer: We have tailored everything exactly to your needs - from the small lodge to the five-star luxury resort.

The capital Honolulu with its famous surfing paradise Waikiki Beach promises a colorful nightlife and lots of shopping opportunities. Aside from the modern skyscrapers, the island also attracts with lush rainforest, a fascinating animal world with dolphins, whales, turtles and cultural sights.

Maui - The beach and water sports paradise

For many visitors, the magical island of Maui is the epitome of tropical paradise and impresses with its variety of landscapes! Dreamlike, palm-fringed sandy beaches, lush vegetation and rough lava landscapes make your Hawaii vacation unforgettable! Do not miss to drive in the southeast of the island along the "Road to Hana", one of the most spectacular coastal roads in the world, through tropical rainforest and past picturesque waterfalls and geysers to the black sand beaches. The mighty volcanic crater Haleakala with its bizarre lunar landscape is considered to be the largest dormant volcano in the world, and every year from December you can experience the return of the majestic humpback whales.

Welcome to Kauai with its lush vegetation and diverse natural wonders. These include the Waimea Canyon and the pristine Na Pali coast with its sheer cliffs. White sandy beaches, tropical garden paradises and mystical caves make the heart of every Hawaii vacationer beat faster and golf enthusiasts will find four of the world's best golf courses here.

Big Island - The big island

Untouched deep valleys, hidden waterfalls, secluded beaches and majestic mountains make the Big Island a dream destination for adventurers and nature lovers. Coral reefs with a colorful underwater world and the five huge volcanoes in the Vulcanoe National Park attract visitors. The discovery tour through the coffee landscape of Kona or a trip to Ka Lae, the southernmost tip of the United States, will make your stay on the Big Island an unforgettable Hawaii vacation.

Lanai - The remote island

The smallest and least known of the Hawaiian Islands, which is accessible for tourism (approx. 29 km long and 21 km wide) is also the most pristine island with a varied flora and fauna. Nevertheless, it has a small airport and can alternatively be reached by ferry from Maui. Lanai, known for its pineapple plantations, is ideal for those looking for peace and relaxation. Golf enthusiasts will find three golf courses of remarkable prestige on this humble island.

Molokai - The friendly island

The small, rather unknown island is also often referred to as the "forgotten" island, as it has been largely spared from mass tourism. Here you can still find the original Hawaii with great beaches and secluded bays for snorkeling and diving. Sights include a Molokai Wildlife Park Safari or a guided tour of the ancient leper colony. Of course, the island also offers wonderful hiking opportunities with great panoramas!