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City of Lucerne steamship

The Queen of Lake Lucerne is back

The steamship Stadt Luzern is the pride of the Lake Lucerne Shipping Company. It is not for nothing that it is the flagship of the 19 ships of SGV. Exciting stories with illustrious guests have played out on the steamer in over 90 years. The ship received a great honor on May 2nd, 1980, when Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed a trip on the city of Lucerne. The situation was much more tense in 1940 when General Guisan and all senior officers took the steamer to the famous Rütli Rapport. Here the top army was informed about the Reduit Plan. Other well-known guests such as Udo Jürgens or Eva Perón did not want to do without a steamboat trip.

The DS Luzern has experienced wars and crises as well as festivals and celebrations. Despite Covid-19, the last restoration work is in full swing. For the general overhaul, 13.3 million Swiss francs were invested so that the city of Lucerne meets today's technical requirements, but does not lose anything of its rich history. Around 80,000 working hours went into the renovation. The flagship can soon be admired again on Lake Lucerne. From May 1st, the steamship will be part of the regular schedule. Of course, the Queen of the Lake can also be rented for private events, birthdays and weddings. Celebrate like the Queen on Lake Lucerne. Culinary highlights in the city of Lucerne are the themed tours Wine & Dine with steam and Jazz & Dine with steam.